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It has pockets! They're a little camouflaged, but they're there :) My friend tried on this coat the other week and we eventually found them (they're a little more towards the front than you'd expect....)

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It's a dress actually! (I've seen it in store, it also comes in navy...)

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Oh yikes, I thought just the red version was a tad sheer but the darker bird-print would be okay. But now that you've pointed it out, I see that when you zoom, you can totally see the model's skirt and bra through the material! Um, clearly requires a camisole.

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This catalog is definitely an improvement (somehow, the July and August catalogs are usually a highlight every year for me!) and I really enjoyed browsing the images. I have to say though, if it wasn't for these catalog shots, I would have panned almost all of the new arrivals because they look so subpar in the site's normal photographs. I think this really just proves how AWFUL the headless modeling shots are on the site. Several of the pieces I liked best in the catalog (e.g., the Onyx-Scalloped Blouse, the Dixie Dot Dress) look terrible on the models. It's so hard to tell what is pretty and flattering anymore. (It's no offense to the models, some of whom I recognize to be catalog regulars -- it's more the styling, angles, and the fact that they're headless.) I really miss the photos on mannequins, which allowed you to evaluate the piece on its own. Modeling shots should be supplemental to mannequin shots, not a replacement.

Anyway, only the Native Birds Dress, and it's counterpart, the bird-printed Animal Kingdom blouse, made it on my wishlist today, but I do really like both :) There might be some more once I see the great-in-the-catalog/iffy-on-the-site pieces in person at a store.

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Oh wow, I had no idea the Los Gatos store was opening this week! It's my hometown! I didn't get an invite from them, but then again, I live much closer to the Palo Alto store now. What time is the opening -- do you think they will mind if I gate crash? ;)

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They're all super amazing (and I can easily imagine you in outfits that would compliment them all beautifully ;)). Reading her site, she seems like such a cool woman too. Thanks for highlighting her work Molly :)

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Thanks for the reviews Roxy! :) Personally I think you look pretty fabulous in the Cap Sleeve Column Dresses, but I can understand your qualms about the neckline and the arms (I hate cap sleeves too :/ ).

Really wanted to love the Over and Under Dress, but you are totally on point, the craftsmanship is just not there. So sad, because that green color is TDF, but you're right, how long is it going to last? And the Gwendolyn looks quite nice on you :) My main hesitation besides the sheerness factor on wearing it out was that I'm weirdly inbetween sizes on it. The medium is so pretty and feminine and I would love to wear it in the bedroom, but it's way too short for me to wear it out. The large is long enough to wear in public, but so blousy on top that it kind of looks like I'm swimming in it -- the sexiness and femininity from the smaller size isn't there anymore. Ahh, if only I could get Anthro pieces custom tailored to my specifications :)

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Thank you as always Roxy for taking the time to listen to and parse and interpret the earnings calls for UO in such detail! It is always so interesting for me to know the results for the last months, the company's reaction, and the stratagems going forward.

I'm still mildly interested in how Anthro is going to course-correct on their designs, but to be honest, they seem to have been working on this forever now; my attention is straying farther and farther afield and I'm already mainly shopping elsewhere. I've bought a total of three dresses from Anthropologie this year, which is almost absurd. Comparatively, in 2008 or 2009, I would buy that many or more in a month -- or sometimes in a week, if a sale morning was particularly good! Now it's six months with only three. (And they were all actually older items from last fall that just took forever to go on sale.) I've actually spent more money/time this year tracking down older Anthro dresses from eBay and giving my funds to resellers who still have access to "the good stuff" instead.

I guess I'm one of the many in this thread the older feminine, sweet designs. It's funny, because I think feminine/retro/tailored looks have actually been somewhat on trend these last few seasons, but even though that used to be Anthro's wheelhouse, they refuse to embrace it for some reason. Instead they continue to concentrate on more boho pieces and stylings, which frankly seem a little tired and outdated to me.

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I liked one thing from this month's offerings, the beautiful Mariposa Lace Dress, and was pretty much actively turned off by everything else (I think having model-only photos contributed a little to this). Sad times :(

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Lucky you! I was lusting after that Thistledown Robe at $80 and sad I couldn't find it -- you got a total steal ;)