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Great post, Spence. I'm trying to winnow my categories down to three, if possible. Such a discipline, though.
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Agreed. The little things can be huge!

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I'm having trouble with the counter on it. It works when I tweet a post or like it, but then when I refresh the page, the counter resets. Same thing just happened when I "liked" your post with the sharebar to the left.

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Hmmm... is all pain from God?

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Probably depends on what it means to be productive, huh?

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Love Jamie. Thanks for this.

(FYI: Tripp, Costa Rica isn't in South America. It's in Central America.)

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I like that (and I love that photo). What I think the Kingdom is also is the reign of the God the sovereign (as in king). So when Jesus said "the kingdom of God is within you" and "around you," he was saying that God's power was beginning to manifesto on earth. It was what theologians call a "war-torn-theology" and a paradigm that we've lost today. In other words, the kingdom of God is a reality on earth (or can be) and we who carry it within us have a responsibility to see it come in this realm.

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I love this and have been thinking similar thoughts lately.
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Love it. And love Michael Scott. :)