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What about drinking 8 full glasses of water a day?

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Brilliant Disguise (For Our Office Halloween Party)

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No advice for what to do with a lady-beard, but I'm aspiring to the day that mine is so long I can braid it.

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I'm torn between "Stay out of my lipstick!" and "I know just the color for you."
He was the perfect Heathcliff: sexy, dangerous, and a complete tool.

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20 years sober here!

I know it's a very tired cliche, but just take it one day at a time. Try to find some support, whether that's a recovery group like AA or a therapist, somewhere you can have an outlet for your feelings. All of your feelings. You'd be surprised, but sometimes happiness is just as much of a drinking trigger as stress or negative emotions. You'll need someone you can talk to also about not drinking who doesn't make it a referendum on whether or not they drink or have a problem, because as much as people mean well that's a very tiring conversation to keep having.

I don't know you, but I'm very happy for you.

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Darn, the show aired during the TV-free gap in my early adult life and I managed to miss it. Now I'm going to have to track it down and watch every episode because it sounds far too amazing!

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All of this! I'll preface this with the disclaimer that I haven't read the book yet. The reason why I love the movie so much is how much subtle menace there is lurking behind every scene. I like to show it to people along with Gaslight and Suspicion as a way to demonstrate how emotional abuse can wear many faces. (You can argue with me about Suspicion if you like but I think it was a shitty, manipulative, emotionally and financially abusive relationship and the ending of the film wasn't happy in the least.) Keep your wife isolated and friendless, fly into a rage whenever she relaxes and tries to please you, mope sullenly and be uncommunicative and leave her wondering just what she's done wrong. Oh sure Max, you love her all right.

Also it's why "The Screaming Skull" remains one of my favorite MST3K episodes. Someone tried to staple Rebecca and Gaslight onto a tepid horror movie, and failed in such a deliciously bad way.

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If you think Rush-splainers are insufferable, dare to ever, ever, say anything negative about Kurt Cobain. Apparently I just don't understand music, really understand music. I can't fathom the deep inscrutable pain of the 90's middle class white male teen and that's why I don't appreciate good music. He just spoke to them, you know, really spoke to them.

Joan looks like she's practically begging to be burnt at the stake to escape the Bukowski guy.

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Oh no, long before we got to Dean cheating in Gilmore Girls I'd have talked him off of Team Dean. Dean was a violent, controlling, emotionally manipulative shithead. If Vin were my boyfriend, he'd listen when I critiqued media.

And then I'd introduce him to Hero System so he could run a Champions by Gaslight game for me.

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A handful of friends get together to celebrate a birthday. An old college room mate crashes the party, and they all spend the night swapping stories from their teenage years and laughing their asses off. Late night attempts at drunk dialing their old loves fail because someone accidentally unplugged the phone. It was a wonderful night.

- The Boys in the Band