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Also note how "Ad Impressions" have gone up since multiple ads are now displayed all at once and can't be blocked very easily.

But here's what I attribute it to. Those stupid "Twosts"(Tweet length posts). You click on what you think is the article, because of either the headline or that there's a paragraph displayed under Blog View and/or Ca/UK View, and all you get is the same paragraph with a link at the end that wasn't visible from the home page that directs you to read the story on another Gawker site. NEVER BEFORE was this done. They would either link directly to the other site, i.e. on the Gizmodo page it would link directly to io9, or Gizmodo and io9 would each post the same exact story with the same exact information/comments on both sites, but with different post #'s in the URL. The comments were shared between both posts, but they still only required one page click vs. 2-3. I got suckered in yesterday by the stupid Japan Steel post on Gizmodo yesterday, which when I opened the link was a short paragraph and a link to Jalopnik. What's even worse is when Gizmodo publishes a Twost that links to Gawker, which is actually another Twost with a link to Jezebel.

They also seem to all of a sudden have the problem where a link doesn't go to the story, but instead the front page of the site you linked to, and you then have to find the story, so there's another extra page/ad view.

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Even I'll admit that Ponies can do more in 10 minutes than I could in ten hours. The recent Obi-Wan Lebowski tweets are a prime example.

And I had to finally log in to comment on this. Sadly, my attention is in short supply, so trying to comment/keep track of multiple sites is very difficult.

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There are people who are funny/entertaining/educational without really "trying". I know I can bodge together a good fix for something, and if I put some "real" thought into it, could do it slightly better, but sometimes I can't afford the time to invest into doing it that way.

Case in point. A few months ago, we got a roll-off container to store/dispose of horse manure. The person who cleans out the stalls complained that there wasn't a ramp to get a wheelbarrow the 10" from the ground to the container floor. So in about 5 minutes, I made a small ramp that consisted of bricks and wood. She saw it and complained that it wasn't good enough and it would take some effort to wheel a barrow over it, albeit WAY less effort than nothing. I said "fine". I proceeded to spend the next 5 hours constructing a wooden ramp with fold down portions that allowed the edges to "float" depending on the height of the ground it was resting on. So attempt #1 was little effort, and piece #2 was REAL effort. Now had I not been unemployed, I wouldn't have had 5 hours to dedicate to building the wood ramp.

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Self publishing? Isn't that why many sites/papers/magazines/etc... have editors who are higher than the others, and can pull a story/post?

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Facetious. I think that's the term for what he may have been being.