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I have a feeling my son would be GLUED to the tv - GLUED if he has this on!! It's so weird how cartoons like this really grab kids and lure them in! haha!

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My brother and sister in law just adopted dog number too! SO they certainly know how to give pups a chance!

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I'd be so interested to see what this book says. I have to admit, Landon and my relationship/marriage, is pretty iron-clad. When we have issues with each other (which is pretty much NEVER), we immediately talk about them to sort out any miscommunication or what have you and then, it's water under the bridge, we learn from the experience and move forward. But seriously. we pride ourselves in our insanely open line of communication and whenever people talk to me about their own relationship struggles, I always ask about their communication because - IT IS KEY!!

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You definitely don't have to convince me! If my sons wants to cook, I will totally let him cook!

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Oh man, SO MUCH planned for this summer - in fact A LOT is going on in about 2 weeks time! I cannot wait to reveal what exactly we have in store!!! ;)

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My husband and I are in the process of buying a house right now and I know for a fact we will have a few stay cations this summer, after all, it will be a new place for us for a little while, so that a lone will feel like a vacation! Plus, I am not going to lie, the back patio just reminds me of an island resort so I can just close my eyes and think I am not where I actually am! :)

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I've never had a strawberry cheese cake before in my life, but have ALWAYS wanted to try it - sadly I cannot but... THANK GOODNESS for flavor extracts!

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I have not watched the Jungle Book in what feels like EONS - because seriously, it has been. I think I remember watching it when I was like 6 or 7 years old in my parent's first house (that I know of)... Ha! Weird to think back, but now I want to re-watch, but perhaps I should wait til I have kids? LOL

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OMG - the other day my sister sent me a video... She recorded her husband reading to my niece from a book, but he made up the whole story and called one of the characters a bearded woman and a lesbian and a drunk fire ant made an appearance and oh man, I can't even describe just how funny it was - especially because my brother in law's sense of humor is such that he's kind of quiet, but when he talks, he is typically pretty funny. Oh man, it was GOOD! I just wish my sister got her daughter's reaction!

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I have to say my "favorite" memory from this week... When my husband got pulled over- hahahahahah! He always claims I am a "terrible" driver but the day he got pulled over, he was SO INSANELY distracted and was NOT a good driver AT ALL - hahaha! I will NEVER let him live it down!