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Michelle Obama's eye roll at the Inaugural lunch when Boener was only patting her on the back to be all friendly like because there is nuthin' womenz like better than some gross tobacco smelling, hair slicked back guy reaching out to touch her while simultaneously cracking a sexist joke except for maybe men passing laws about lady parts.

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I thought he was the guy in the Eagles

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and we pay these people why?

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His daughter is on the tee vee show GIRLS. Figures.

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So let's all guess what Senator Johnson was doing instead of attending the briefing--I say he had his hand down his own briefs and attending to his HIS Johnson.

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Am I the only one who remembers that both Bush and Cheney REFUSED to appear before a Congressional Hearing about the war in Iraq, no WMDs etc and testify under oath even thought they were both subpoenaed? Where was Ms. Malken then??

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I use Firefox and I've never had a problem with this website

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Do the people who name their kids after Ayn Rand know that's not her real name? And that she was a Russky?

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You people dance so well