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The political ads will be simplicity itself.

A picture of some Labour Senedd member, with a syringe and a shrouded corpse on a trolley in the background.

"He just didn't care about your granny".

I want that poster. I want it printed on every da mn billboard from Holyhead to Milford Haven. It is time to drain away the "clear red water".

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This is sad to watch.

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Wonderful article. Just keep in mind that "Our United Kingdom-Canada continuity trade deal signed this month slays the foundations – and secured commitment – to begin negotiating a bespoke British deal this year." might need to be changed a bit.

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This is the internet. No one ever apologises for anything. If they do, they will be mocked. Forgiveness online is exceptionally rare.

More courtesy and humility from the anti-lockdowners would be nice though.

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Whatever you do, don't go duck hunting tomorrow! Quack Lives Matter!

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The pun is excellent.

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Churchill sent Wavell to save India from the Japanese in 1943. He diverted grain ships in Greece to save starving Bengalis. Of course we should fight for our European heritage, but not to the total exclusion of the rest of the world.

We got more diplomatic support from the Commonwealth than from most of Europe when the Falklands war started (France excepted). Thatcher felt that that made the war much easier. It may have made the US less hostile to our interests (Haig excepted).

Non-European allies include India, Malaysia, Singapore, Botswana, Namibia, Ghana, and Jordan.

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Is it? I don't remember ignoring our Commonwealth allies being a good thing. I don't recall ignoring trade opportunities outside the EU as a good thing.

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This Conservative government is striking more blows against eurocentrism, than the woke left ever did.