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It's been made pretty clear that eqg is in-universe, and in fact, works perfectly fine in-universe. No reason to think it's not after all the continuity hooks they've given us in the movies.

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Assuming it's a theoretical movie that could contain more adult-oriented material, my vote is for University Days or something of that nature. I wouldn't really want to see Past Sins or FO:E since they only fit in an alternate universe setting. So whatever it is, it would need to be canonically plausible. For example, my long fic wouldn't work, it's very alt universe.

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I'll be meeting the word count, but half of it will be NSFW so yeah. I'll be competing in spirit!

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No, just now comes the three-way.

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As similarly as you and I are related.

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The Lost Mark... does DT lose her cutie mark somehow and the CMC have to help her get it back? Or maybe she loses her special talent that the cutie mark represents and the CMC help her re-learn that her special talent, whatever it is, is important to her?

So many questions! I am excited for DT, for a change!

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I am 110% ok with them having a baby!

I hope it's not an alicorn, though!

I mean, if it is, I will accept it, but I hope it's not.

I hope it's a little unicorn so Auntie Twily can be her magic teacher or something. :3

I guess that could still be possible if it's an alicorn, but man... what a wrench it would throw in the show's dynamic if it was like, a MALE EARTH PONY.

What about a MALE ALICORN? :P

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That big ass hat. Needs to be bigger! Step up your game, Rara!

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Oh yes, true, he was RATHER concerned about his hair. And showing of his song. If he's the show off type, which seems likely given his taste in cars, maybe he's a bit of a rainbow dash type himself. Maybe TwiDash could work :P

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It's difficult to take you seriously behind all that emoji and homophobia. I mean, emoji.

You talking back to me is a laugh and a half, kid. "a 11 year old butthurt person"? So, you'd be around 10, then? AN 11-year old, first of all, but I'm not here to school you. You were probably homeschooled, anyway.

I think everyone here has done a decent job of schooling you, anyway. Go hide under your rock.