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Sounds like you IS really sucks

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Animals are just some of the most fascinating things to be interested in. There is always something new and fantastic to learn.

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Hmmm, Im gonna leave that one for parents to decide.

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Yep some of these are quite freaky and I'm still not sure what #6 is even intended to be, I no longer care to find out either.

However I'm actually a little under whelmed with number 1, granted its a little unusual but breastfeeding after all is not some immoral or sexual act, its a part of feeding a baby. But I probably wouldn’t buy one for my niece.

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Fascinating animals on this list, I cant help but feel that obscurity helps to get on this list. If it was a more well known animal, say elephant then people might say whatever.

Also: Insert celebrity plastic surgery jokes here-

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I feel like ive heard some of these on 'QI'

I reckon 7 should say 'can be better' because some places dont have a recycling program for plastic bags, I reuse mine whenever possible as a result. There is also more to environmental issues than just enerygy consumption and emmissions when there is massive problems with plastic bags and other items for that matter getting into the water ways and when that happens there can be bad results.

Cool list all the same.

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Unfortunate that there should be content for such a list.

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I ate too much pudding.

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The good, the bad, the weird is on tv tonoght, might watch it after reading this list. Ive also seen Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter…and Spring and thaught as unusual as it was to a westerner I couldnt stop watching it.

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Relax mate.