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This text adventure is definitely low in grues.

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It already is a really long weather report. Seriously.

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Weirdly enough, "totally penis" is still not on Urban Dictionary.

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That's so topical!

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The difference- and I am NOT saying that it justifies American attitudes- is that the Holocaust was not an institution that was a part of German life for more than a century, it did not become an integral part of the past culture that people want to glorify. While slavery is.

What I am saying is that the profoundly racist mentality of everyday, average Americans, is the result of the long-term integration of slavery and black inferiority in American life, which continues today. To be an American and a normally patriotic person cannot be dissociated from hating black people and native people. The American flag is a symbol of hatred against black people and native people.

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I "got" the original article, although I didn't think it was particularly funny. That being said, there was no reason for these idiotic reactions. The article was not racist or sexist in any way. In fact, some of the books listed were there to make fun of their racism or sexism. There was also no reason for people to take the article personally. White men sure take it personal when you talk about whiteness or maleness, but they sure don't mind talking about blackness or femininity.

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Hello? Define "cis," Broadsnark. I'm still waiting. Are you hiding from the question?

You obviously have not brought even one inkling of thought into this conversation, and yet you berate me for not making an actual argument. I make those arguments on my blog.I have no reason to make an argument to someone who isn't even able to define a basic term of the discussion.

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"All this horseshit around DGR and Derrick Jensen. Wow."
Of course you support the misogynists, do you? Wouldn't surprise me one bit.

By the way, why do you still refuse to define "cis"? It's a simple term that requires only a Google search to define. Are you not even capable of that?

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Okay, maybe I wasn't direct enough in my comment, so let me be more direct now:

Define "cis."

I am not making an argument. I am giving you a challenge.

I actually have already written an entry on this subject, with plenty of arguments. It's in my queue, but I will send it to you if you really want to see it. But I doubt you're interested at all in counter-arguments to genderism; at least most people aren't, they're more interested in labeling anyone who dares question genderism of hate speech.

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Why don't you start by defining whatever the hell "cis" is supposed to mean (such as an imaginary "gender identity" in your head), and work your way up from there, instead of just buying into what the trans lobby is trying to brainwash our innocent (gender-less) children with.