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Is destroying a statue with a sledgehammer just as bad as killing someone? I would argue that it obviously is not. However it's not really an either/or thing. Both are extremely abusive and terroristic and reflect the same attitude of contempt and hatred. A physically abusive ex-boyfriend once broke into my house and destroyed my most prized possession, which happened to be original artwork. How I WISH he had blackened my eyes and broken my ribs instead. My body can heal but that art is something that I can never, ever replace and although it's been years I still cry when I think about it. Anyway, destroying that art and physically hurting me were two sides of the same coin. Destroying statues and monuments and cultural heritage is not really separate from "everything else" they're doing...although, of course, if they kept it to that sort of behavior alone it would be an improvement.

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Best comment here. Tons of abusers act "abashed under scrutiny," to use your phrase. I think if someone was criticizing me in a classroom about something, even if I absolutely stand by my behavior/statement, my eyes my tremble too, because confrontations are tough and social opprobrium is really upsetting to deal with. I can't even imagine receiving the text that Ben sent to (or says he sent to) the woman he had sex with, it is so terribly upsetting, and acting contrite does not undo that or let him off the hook for the great contempt that he showed her and all women.