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A profound lack of brony power metal. Yeah, we got L-train, Ponyforce and Draconequus, but we need more dammit!

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Ooh, been a while since Ponyforce have done anything new! And not a bad cover, though I would have made that first verse a bit quieter to help match the quietness of the vocals, but the rest of it sounds fantastic!

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Actually, turns out it was a reference to the real life Hatfield/McCoy feud.

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My guess for the episode: Turns out there is no nefarious scheme or brainwashing going on on Discord's part, and he's genuinely trying to befriend the Mane 6, but Twilight lets her suspicion and mistrust of Discord get in the way of seeing this and onstantly believes he's up to something when he really just wants to be friends. Ends with Discord teaching Twilight a valuable lesson about forgiveness and trust, yadda yadda yadda...

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Family- Dad didn't care, Mom thought it was funny.

Friends- Fine with it, and if they aren't they're smartly keeping it to themselves.

Girlfriend- Thinks it's adorable and likes that I don't give a fuck about what people think and enjoying what I want. And now she's just as much of a fan.

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Love Flufflepuff, love Steven Universe, love the video, don't give a fuck about the fandom drama and inter-fandom drama, 10/10 would watch again.

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Pretty much the same reasons I first got into it:

1. On a technical level, it's awesome. Consistently pretty good animation that is always improving, great voice actors accross the board, great music, great character designs, gorgeous backgrounds, it's all a wonder.

2. It's just plain nice. You'd be surprised how hard it is nowadays to find a show that is just genuinely kindhearted and nice and optimistic, and is also actually good! Granted alot of the other shows that are more willing to dabble in a bit more mean-spirited or cynical humour, like Gravity Falls, Adventure Time or whatever are still really really good, but it's just nice to have a show that is almost never snarky or cynical or anything other than optimistic and encouraging.

3. Even 5 seasons in, it's still surprising me! This season has been one of my favourites, and so far has had only 1 dud episode in my opinion, and even then it wasn't because of a plothole or an objectionable moral or moment, it was just because it was a forgettable episode. Otherwise it's been pretty consistenty awesome, and especially the last few episodes have been amazing! So many things happening that I never thought would actually happen in the show! An actually kinda relateable villain who isn't defeated by the Mane 6 but by ponies inspired by them, worldbuilding with the Griffons, an actual episode dedicated to the fan-favourite background ponies, an episode tackling the touchy subject of going through grief, Big Macintosh getting a monologue, the CMCs getting their cutie marks, Diamond Tiara getting a redemption arc, Cadance and Shining Armour expecting, and even a bit of lorebuilding for Hearthswarming! This season has thrown so much amazing stuff at us it's hard to keep up!

I'm genuinely intrigued just as much as I was when I first started watching season 1, to keep watching and see where this is going.

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Well... it has male characters, decent animation and a villain of some sort (though it looks like it's a comedic villain in this case), so that's already putting it leagues ahead of G3.5. But it looks a bit too kiddy for me, so I'll probably give it a pass. But then again, if it's on the same level of quality as something like Sofia the First, I got no problems with it existing.

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How about you judge the episode by what it WAS rather than what you wanted it to be?