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There are plans for a mobile app, but I have nothing to announce yet. The Pony.fm website works fairly well on many phones, though, featuring a responsive layout.

Pandora-like features have been a popular request, and a few major updates are in the pipeline to incorporate some of the service's functionality. Some of it may take a while to develop, but it's being worked on! I post updates on the site's dev blog as they happen.

Your playlists are shown on your profile, can be freely shared, and are even downloadable (they come in zipped packages with an M3U file). A site-wide voting/rating system is currently under discussion, which would be incorporated into playlists when it's finalized. You can join the discussion here on the forums if you'd like: http://mlpforums.com/topic/58389-ratings/

in the meantime, the favouriting system is fully functional and lets you mark playlists, as well as albums and tracks, as such. Favourited content of all kinds appears on your profile, and the plan is to eventually use the data from favourites, combined with a rating/voting system and Pony.fm's other data, to generate toplists of great content - with a slight twist in that the most popular content of all will *not* dominate the very top of the list, by design.

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Yep! Downloads come with all the metadata perfectly tagged, every time.

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Hey there! Pony.fm's creator and lead developer here. I'd be happy to answer your questions. :)

Pony.fm and EQD Music are both sites dedicated to pony music, but the things they do and problems they solve are different and complementary. While EQD Music is a community-powered aggregator, Pony.fm is a music hosting platform and social network rolled into one. Think of it as a cross between Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and deviantART.

EQD Music allows anyone to submit music from YouTube and let the community vote on the best tracks. In contrast, all music on Pony.fm is uploaded directly by the artists themselves, and Pony.fm hosts downloads, streams, and community features like comments and notifications all in one place. There's plenty for listeners to do on the site as well, like favouriting tracks, following artists, crafting playlists, and more.

YouTube still needs artists to go out of their way to find another site to host downloads for their music, and Pony.fm's feature set make it a pretty great place for that, in addition to our community features. Our downloads are uncapped, perfectly tagged, and available in all the popular formats; and tracks are searchable with filters that you could only ever find on a pony fan site. Searches can even be saved so you can come back to them later when new stuff is published matching your query.

The copypasta I submitted for this roundup provides an overview of the functionality you can expect, but there are more details on our about page, which I recommend checking out: https://pony.fm/about

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Yes, this is a remake with improved graphics, but it most definitely isn't using the 3DS's full potential. Games like Resident Evil and Dead or Alive push a lot more out of its GPU.

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What the--?!
Wow, you're right! Link gets another slingshot at 2:52! Nice find.

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Hey James, it's great to see you reading this site! =D

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Welcome to the 3DS Buzz team, Justin! Hope you're having a good time so far. ^^
Personally, I just know I'm gonna be abusing Game Memo and the web browser. xD

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Um, this is an interview with Nintendo, Roy, not Valve.

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Owies, thanks for catching that. I've corrected the post.

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No word on that yet, but I hope we get that, too. I can just imagine how awesomely funny it would be to play some cheerful Yoshi's Island music in Resident Evil: Revelations. ;P