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Well, would you look at that, there are conspiracy theorists even in the brony community.

Not criticizing you by the way. I don't know shit about Illuminati and whatever, but it's clear as water that there are many conspiracies out there... and that our world is led by people who do not share the "humanists" values of the people... not humanist in the sense of the Lumières of course - these guys were actually pretty much jerks, have you read Voltaire ? Now Voltaire is typically the kind of asshole who gave his ideas to the governing people of our time... if that's humanism, then I'm not an humanist: I want to live in a world of compassion, not in a world in which the strong must pray on the weak.

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I kinda resent the fact that this is setting IE pony as the victim here.
The real victims are the web developers. How much stuffed animals were beaten by poor developers who needed a break from IE ? How much coffee machines were sucked dry for the same purposes ? Think about them !

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True that, us French have a history of shitty dubbing (with this one probably generating the most WTF/s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiZWAq2R8Hg). We should be proud of it.

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My. It takes a lot of dedication to do such a thing. I'm even more thankful to the guy then !
Keep up the good work everyone !

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Kudos on releasing the private server. I finally know for sure that I at least will be able to try out the game !
The server uses Qt. A wise choice. I'm interested in whether the game also uses Qt, and how extensively does it use it ?
I'm currently working on a prototype for a game engine embedding Qt: it would be pretty nice to be able to develop game interfaces in QML/Javascript. Is Qt only used for backend stuff (that's most likely the case, for so many good reasons), or did they also used elements of QtGui or QtQuick ?

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He doesn't want to draw ponies. He wants to be a pony.
And the video doesn't advocate suicide as an answer to anything else.

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Though he said he was done with Rainbow Dash Presents, I'm pretty sure he didn't mention MAS :) !

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As true as that is in the real world... in the Internet, having a great idea is far from enough.
In the Internet, you better be able to do all the jobs, because not only there's not so many people with the skills needed, the few people that are indeed there won't help you just because the idea is great.

In the real world you have many ways of convincing people to join a project: since you're not behind an avatar, you have a lot more credibility. On the Internet the only thing that gives you credibility is the prototype. If you can't make a prototype on your own, good luck finding partners for the adventure.

Plus, the Internet: your project is going to involve no more than a small team. There's no room for a high-up director role: you're going to be the ground-floor coordinator. And ground-floor coordinator is a hard/pointless job to do if you can't relate properly to the people you're working with.

I don't want to be the downer, but if the only thing you have are ideas, you're just going to be another one of these guys that go on forums to create topics that are dead as soon as they're posted.

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Damn straight. It's a thing people seem to never understand: we're not going to get rid of programming. Because programming is a better solution.

You don't have to know how to program to be a good game designer, but for a game to happen, one needs a programmer. And if you're a good game designer and want your game to actually happen, then you shouldn't worry *just* about programming. A good game designer isn't the best at anything, but he must be able to do everything. Don't worry about programming: it's the easy, mechanical part. When it works, you know it. Do worry about the art, the music, the 3D, the writing: now those are hard to get a grasp on.

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It's 1 dream per sleep cycle, which means 3 dreams is between 4h30 and 5h of sleep.

Note that the REM sleep isn't the 30 last minute of sleep: before you wake up, there's actually another phase during which you're supposed to forget the dream. As long as that phase has started, no matter when you wake up, you won't remember a thing. If you ask me, the fact you're not remembering your dreams only means that you're sleeping well.

My bet is you're either someone who handles stress very well, or a pothead.