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And here I was thinking L Ron Hubbard had the big word monopoly. Breaking news! David Rockefeller is dead!!! Oh joy, Oh joy. Hopefully his flying monkey's will follow him.

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High Five Viz! It is global insanity reaching the zenith point. I totally agree with not being anywhere near the cities and have moved far away - the closest point I am to any city is 2.5 hours and that could easily become subject to border control. Oz is no different from the States in this regard other than we are subservient to the psycho in chief of the US. Still waiting on Trump to trump it but I have the feeling it may be a wet dream, although I'd rather it not be. Interesting our PM Malcolm Turdball is refusing to pay out compensation claims to survivors of MH17 because it's not considered an act of terrorism. Yet Putin is guilty on MSM of said act being classified as an act of terrorism. Interesting days when their lies are just going to eventually bury them - all they have to do is just keep opening their mouths. Sooner or later their diatribe will be a red pill to the masses and I would prefer it sooner rather than later.

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I need to sleep on that. I think there was a lot of stuff in that mistake. But the stuff that worked for them once doesn't cut the mustard anymore. They just don't get it but they keep putting it out there. WTF are they not only inbred psychopaths but totally insane as well??? I wish Mr Apocalypse would just wack them down once and for all with his cane, the loving hand of conscience -sigh- . But he reminds me of my cat - cat usually wins by having incredible patience -grin-

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Yes interesting erm mistake at the Oscars indeed. The hand of the dark side yet again mefinks. The way you summed it Viz was brilliant so I will just add a further observation. Beatty and Dunaway remember the famous movie they starred in Bonnie and Clyde - what did they do, they robbed banks during the depression. Taking from the rich and giving to themselves. Well in this respect let's just say they stole from the banks post Federal Reserve System when the feds started their own crime spree and stealing from us. So anyway we have La La Land about some glitzy hollywood pair who live a pretty ritzy style life. Then you have Moonlight (neither of which I've seen just read the synopsis) about a drug addicted, gender confused, poor black guy. Then you have the Donald who wants to make America great again but giving the people back some dignitiy and quality of life to all which the bankster elite would be seen as stealing against them no less. So as it turns out the original stars of Bonnie and Clyde give a glimmer of hope to a glitzy life. Then before the blink of an eyelid it's withdrawn and is given to the poor, drug addicted, gay black guy. What are they really telling us. What is promised might be within reach but we aren't going to let you have it - you will be left with what you already have......................................... hang the bankers!

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May Saints preserve us Ray - welcome back! Oh in all honesty almost my entire family think I'm insane because a. I have my own understanding of the nature of things; and b. for talking about a cabal of people with ill intent. God forbid I talk about woo hoo stuff although I did once and I was schizophrenic. Yes the pubic conditioning and they are all so sane are they not, are those who would judge us. I'm also a racist, mysogonist, homophobe, anti semitic, anti social (specifically because I politely disagree with them) white supremicist Nazi. Oh wait, I'm also a narcissist! That should do for starters. But geez if I had the money (according to their logic) I'd be able to compete with George Soros - although they undoubtedly consider him a respected businessman and me a delusional fool. Goodo! So be it. -grin-

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Leuren Moret thinks everybody is a Jesuit tool Pierre. She would undoubtedly think I was one too if I was important enough.

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I think Trump has just scored an excellent home run, 1st base (Flynn), 2nd base(his replacement), 3rd base (Soros/Clinton/Bush/Obongo). Everything these depraved oxygen thieves are doing is unraveling. Everything time they throw a curved ball Trump seems to hit a home run!

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We are no doubt entering into an amazing period of time. The Trump issue is really very curious. I met an interesting fellow the other night. He rocked up to the local tavern in a 500K Bentley with his daughter he was making a comment at the bar about Trump when I turned to him and said "what was the alternative" he replied there was none, certainly not Clinton (making a claw dead hand gesture with fingers pointing down) she's got blood dripping from her hands. He joined us at our table and we had quite a long chat. This guy is a CEO of a major public listed company (I checked him out later, he is who he said he is). He works across 4 continents and is based in Hong Kong. This is what he told me - Rothschilds control China they are behind the SDR (no cuppie doll for guessing that) China also has the lions share of rare earth minerals< OF COURSE! Here is what we agreed on - Trump is fascinating, he is not an insider, in fact he's a rank outsider, shocked the DC crowd by actually winning the election it was all primed for Hillary but they miscalculated. They thought if they could secure the swing states it's all they'd need to win, WRONG.

While Trump most certainly appears to be pro Zionist (we all know appearances can be deceiving) he opposes China. Rothschilds are pro Zionist/pro China. Prince Charles was not at Trump's inauguration, he was at both of Obamas. When Trump gave his speech (Clinton roast) at the Al E Smith Dinner Gala where one Cardinal Dolan raised 6 Million for kids in need (shivers - that can buy a lot of pizza). The look on the faces of the elite were absolutely priceless THEY WERE NERVOUS AND DISTURBED. I posted the link back on SM I think. It is pretty clear to me Trump is going after the NWO. It stands to reason you can't go after two sides of a dirty coin at once. The Netherlands government accidentally released a lot of intel on Georgie Sorrows short puts - a whole shitload. The article said it was left out there long enough so that foreign intel would find it. Once they discovered this error (oops) they retracted the information. Looks like Soros days are numbered.

The latest cover of The Economist shows a tarot spread, one of the cards is The Wheel of Fortune, on that wheel are Marine Le Pen, Angela Merkel and Mark Rutt. Both Angela Merkel and Mark Rutt are pointing down but Marine Le Pen (right wing) is rising. Merkel has a lightning bolt striking her. Rumor has it Mark Rutt will be replaced by Geert Wilders right wing - people are tired of the same ole, same ole , same shit different day number. It was the Rutt government (or possibly a resistance mob within) who leaked the Soros information - NICE JOB! It also shows the Hermit and in the valley there is a major protest happening the Hermit is shining his lantern on the protestors who are marching with banners rejecting the TPP - I'm going to take another look at it now since things are coming to pass - it was released before the election. It's interesting what they've done to The Magus. Why is he blindfolded - I'm going to let somone else have a crack at it.

The Economist

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Interesting days indeed. I don't think Trump is pro elite of course he will be to a degree but not the usual degree. This is priceless - it's Trump's roast of Killary at the Alfred E Smith gala dinner (elite fest). The look on their faces says it all. I'm amazed the last thing he didn't say was wow $6M can buy a lot of pizza. Toady Kissinger looked like a shriveled up old specimen long past his use by date and was sitting 3 rows from the front in the dias. The guy in the front to Trumps right is a Knight of the British Empire ooooh as for the guy on Trump's left well I've never seen anybody with such an impressive stunned mullet look in all my life - it was truly joyous. I am of the impression by their reactions that Trump switched scripts at the last minute. As for Killary all I can say is - if looks could kill. Just as well she doesn't emit death rays from her eyes.

This is so worth watching folks. It is clear they are quite terrified. The seating arrangement is below for anybody wanting to find who who the two at either side of Trump are and anybody else for that matter.

I noticed at his inauguration he did not have a US pin on his lapel. I also noticed the absence of Prince Charles at Trumps where he was at both of Obamas. I have a sneaking suspicion that this man might actually be opposing the Rothschilds. I could be wrong but things are not what they seem. I often hope I am actually wrong on most things that appear to be taking place, but this time I hope I'm right.

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The subject is far from closed Hector. Your abusive attack on Ray B was totally out of line and unappreciated here. For years regulars have been coming to this site as if it is their second home, we appreciate and respect each other. Ray B is one of those regulars. His writings are always refreshing. Your put downs are either your own projections or a display of petty jealousy - either way, not healthy. Further after years of exposure to disturbed individuals I notice they have one common trait - they all WITHOUT EXCEPTION claim to speak for a vast majority of others. Keep others out of it, you have no right to speak for others nor would others appreciate you speaking for them. You certainly don't speak for me. There is a vast difference of quality of being in Ray B and yourself. Ray obviously being the higher evolved of the two of you. Oh and one last thing your final paragraph you state people are fair game - oh really. Psychopaths see others as fair game. That is just a lame excuse they use to excuse themselves of their own vile behavior and callousness shown to others. Looks like your mask has slipped Hector.