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What did she pour on the corn that made it pop that fast? I need some of that stuff.

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Cool! I'll give that a try.

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Through Simple Eyes by PhoenixReece

I don't know if it's well-known or not but it's a pretty short fic giving Big Macintosh's point-of-view of a regular day in Ponyville written as a diary entry. It's a good slice-of-life comedy, could easily have been the Big Mac comic's story arc.

I couldn't imagine how IDW could top that, but they did...

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I discovered ponies a couple of months before S2 started and watched the whole season over the course of a month. I thought I had watched all of season 1 but then I realized that I had missed episode 6, so I watched it.
I had no issues with the Trixie character but my reaction to Snips and Snails was "What the hay are these things?".
Seriously, compared to every other character in S1, their designs were pretty bad, but I've gotten used to them.

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Wow, Calpain! I enjoy your roundups and they're part of my morning routine. If you leave, you'll be sorely missed.

I know I may get stoned for this but maybe the time to step back is NOW, BEFORE you're so fed up with the fandom that you want to quit completely.
Maybe let other people accept the responsibilities that you've taken on in the past, create a new Internet identity (or even go Anonymous) and enjoy only the parts of the fandom that brought you here in the first place as a lurker. At least that would give you a break from having the drama being forced upon you through your involvement as "Calpain" (which seems to be the main problem). You could think of it as a "Semi-retirement" of sorts. Who knows, you may even want to get involved again in spite of the (what I believe will be) inevitable drama that will occur during S4 and beyond.

Wishing you all the best, no matter what you decide to do.

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Somebody needs to convince Jan to redo the video for that R63 Rarity (Elusive) meltdown. XD

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If that's what Hasbro ultimately decides to call her, I'm OK with that.
...and it's a cute name, too.

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You have to admit, that's one classy cancellation letter.

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She does the morning announcements. The school doesn't have or need a PA system. XD

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That sums it up nicely.