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Actually, Dick, the American political class understands reality only too well and also understands even better how to disguise their actions.

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Unemployment falls from 10% to 4%? This was accomplished largely by changing the way unemployment is calculated. If you grocery shop you surely can't possibly believe the CPI either. Cooking the books to improve the economy is much more easily accomplished than actually improving the economy. As Drew Hunkins (above) states had the 1969 minimum wage been properly adjusted it would now be $21/hr.

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The Zionists were given a homeland in Palestine by the British Empire with the emphasis on land. Even their claimed compact with the Deity promised them the land of Israel. It logically follows that the Palestinians still retain rights to the seabed and the huge natural gas fields. Certainly had the shoe been on the other foot and Palestinians had been granted a homeland in the land of Israel where they proceeded to drive out most Israelis there would be legions of lawyers, diplomats and statesmen arguing for Israel retaining ownership of the natural gas.

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I am reminded of the 1980s when the political right was saying, "Let Reagan be Reagan." Then he met Gorbachev at Reykjavik and the worry was that the doddering old fool would upset the applecart and come to some kind of sweeping peace agreement with Gorby and the military-industrial-intelligence complex would have to go looking for honest work. Fortunately for all the adults in the room prevailed and tensions continued. Honest work avoided by devious machination. Got to have an enemy. After the collapse of the USSR due to the internal contradictions of communism, GWOT took center stage but it was soon apparent that these low level conflicts couldn't support the really profitable (think Star Wars) weapons systems so tensions with Russia were cranked up by eastward movement of NATO and sponsoring a coup in Ukraine (we didn't have any other use for that $5 billion.) Now the worry is that the clearly irrational, quite possibly blackmailed, Donald might upset the 2018 applecart and come to some sweeping peace agreement with Russia and the military-industrial-intelligence complex would have to go looking for honest work. This time the adults have the political right, the political left, all the think tanks and all the media organized against any kind of peace agreement favorable, unfavorable or neutral. Reagan frightened them and they haven't forgotten. Honest work? The horror! The horror!

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When I was a lad about 70 years ago hordes of refugees from hunger and oppression assaulting Europe was the stuff of science fiction. Now fiction has become fact. It appears that the turning point was the start of George Bush's war on Iraq in 2003 and as his wars have spread so also has spread the phenomenon of mass refugee movement. It is no wonder that George is barely heard from now.

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Europe is simply collateral damage on a scale that dwarfs bombing a wedding party.

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The Balfour Declaration and of course the sacred compact with the Deity promised to the Israelis the LAND of Israel. even if inconveniently occupied by Palestinians. No agreement or decree granted the SEA to the Israelis. Clearly and logically the gas fields under the Eastern Med still belong to the Palestinians and only to the Palestinians.

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But what about the massive gas fields found in the Eastern Med? The Balfour Declaration promised a Jewish HomeLAND. No mention was made of offshore assets which therefore logically still belong only to the Palestinians.

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When Mr. Trump was campaigning for the presidency he announced his intention to establish friendly relations with Russia. The supporters of the national security state very successfully managed to ratchet up tensions with Russia ending Mr. Trump's hopes for friendly relations. It should come as no surprise that these same people have no intention of allowing any reduction in the tensions with North Korea. The livelihoods of the supporters of the national security state depend on confrontational relations.

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If the USA ever suffers a coup d'etat by force of arms (rather than black robes) it will be at the (armed) hands of the Department of Homeland Security. And should they ever, horrors, ally with NSA we're done for. If one is looking for the leading potential threat to our liberty (such as it is) Homeland Security is definitely at the top of the list,