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It is all very well to point out the current expenditures and accumulated debts from these worse than senseless wars but to achieve action World War 2 style wartime tax rates need to be imposed to pay the current expenditures and accumulated debts This is a capitalist society and once the big capitalists have to part with their profits to pay for the wars they are profiting from the wars will stop. World War 2 tax rates were 90% top marginal rate on individuals, 70% corporate tax rate, excess profits tax and of course then Senator Truman's anti-profiteering committee. If the Wall Street investment bankers had to send almost all their bloated salaries and their even more bloated bonuses to the IRS their howls to "bring our boys home" would terrify Congress.and the Executive Branch into action.

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Andre, so sorry to learn of your illness. Best wishes to you. The world need independent point of view.

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Blackmail. NSA knows all.

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J. Edgar Hoover was well known to have kept dossiers on all powerful politicians to protect his own lawless tenure. How much more dirt contemporary intelligence agencies must have on the powerful and how well they protect their lawless tenure.

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And it was not only the Dems choice of the nearly universally despised monster Hillary as standard bearer that paved the way for Trump but also their deliberate and calculated sabotage of Bernie's campaign. It is usually conceded that Bernie could have beaten Trump.

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Chris, you say, "...the heretical creed of the “prosperity gospel,” a creed that says God showers divine favors in the form of wealth and power on the Christian elect.") But isn't this the centrality of Calvinism which made it both the handmaiden of the rise of capitalism and its most unswerving apologist?

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Well Fred, it would be possible to build a wall without digging exceptionally deep foundations if it were built in zig-zag fashion rather like an old time split rail fence. Of course that would require nearly twice as many sections and as we are constantly reminded the US now has record low levels of unemployment so we would be forced to hire Mexicans (and Guatemalans and Hondurans, and El Salvadoreans, and Costa Ricans and..., and...,and. Now, on the other hand if it were built, like the Great Wall of China, of rammed earth with a stone veneer then perhaps that would be possible. The majority of the materials could be found adjacent to the wall and the depression from the excavation would form a glacis

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Unfounded? There certainly was a river of blood.

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By whom and how was President Obama "forced" to destroy Libya, to attack Syria, to organize the overthrow of the elected government in Ukraine? Being president of the US is a very dangerous job. If you don't have the courage to face up to these dangers but instead choose to meekly go along with the worst elements of the Deep State it would be better that you stick to community organizing.

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Perhaps in some distant future-assuming there is one-people will look back at the 7 decades long anti-communist jihad the same way we now look back at the religious wars of the late Middle Ages and with the same sense of awe and disgust. As goneagain says had we hanged our own war criminals...