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Spot on.

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This is part of the cost of allowing foreign policy to be determined by demented haters rather than by cool, analytical thinkers.

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Why is China a threat? Because the Free Market Capitalists created modern China by sending nearly all manufacturing to China thereby creating one of the wealthiest nations on earth while impoverishing their own. Charge, try, and convict these Free Market Capitalists for treason.

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Perfect time for a Truth Commission while many former officials are still living. All crimes whether committed knowingly, incidentally, or unknowingly are forgiven provided all involved or all who have information testify truthfully and completely. Only prosecutions would be for untruthfulness, for concealing information or for destroying evidence during the term of the Commission. What's not to like? The truth will set us all free.

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There is no statute of limitations on war crimes. It is time for the US Department of Justice to prosecute the very large number of war criminals in our midst. To fail to prosecute only guarantees a repeat of the disgraceful events of the forever wars.

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The land of the Magna Carta and centuries of world respected jurisprudence indeed. Oh how the mighty have fallen and in such a sordid manner.

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We all know what this means. It's a done deal. The High Court has effectively overruled District Judge Vanessa Baraitser and Julian Assange will ultimately be extradited to the USA where his death will be arranged.

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All true. But the East Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) was saddled with all our disabilities and many more of its own making yet it managed to survive for over 1000 years until the greed of the wealthy so weakened the Empire that it fell to the Ottomans in 1453. Look at the UK. Still hobbling along. China is enjoying a great resurgence largely financed by its enemies. Doomsayers can always make a good case but are often if not usually wrong.

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Time to shut down the military academies. These money wasters haven't produced officers capable of winning wars since before WW2.

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Not only are US forces occupying the oil rich parts of Syria but they are setting wheat fields on fire in the agricultural parts of Syria. Destroying civilian food supplies surely has to be one of the morally and ethically lowest of war crimes. Why do we not read of this crime? Why haven't we prosecuted the criminals who ordered this crime?