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Had Ms. Haspel appeared before the Nuremberg Tribunal rather than the US Senate she would most likely have been found guilty of war crimes and hanged.

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Every year when I go for my wellnes check the nurse asks if I am depressed. I say of course I am. I read the news. If I had to go this week I think I would have to say depressed to the point of wanting to resign from the human race.

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It is really very simple. With every declaration of war, if that should ever happen again, or every Authorization for the Use of Military Force must come automatic imposition of WW2 style wartime tax rates. That would entail 90% top marginal rates on individuals, 70% corporate tax rates, excess profit tax, etc. If there is no way to keep the money made from these totally optional wars then they will cease.

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And to keep the wars going it was necessary to avoid wartime tax rates like those that had been used in WW2 and the Korean War. How long do you think this Wars Without End Amen would continue if the moguls of Wall Street had to hand over to the IRS nearly all of their bloated salaries and obscene bonuses? In short order they would be plaintively moaning, "Bring our boys home!"

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So, if the NSA collects and stores everything it ought be possible to follow and then seize the trillions of $ reputedly stashed away in tax havens. There might be enough there to pay off the national debt. Surely that also is a matter of national security.

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A nuclear war-there are armies surrounding Armageddon- or a massive biological attack-some small nation protecting itself- may well enormously reduce the population of the world obviating the necessity for economic collapse to reduce the population of the world.

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Interesting that the march last week was held on the Latin Rite Good Friday while this weeks march was held on the Orthodox Good Friday and that both days are also the weekly Islamic Holy Day.

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Clearly Mr. Trump got taken to the woodshed by the Big Boys. He came out whimpering and like a spanked little boy he, in a show of false bravado, whines "Well, a little bit longer." Get real Mr. Trump. You're going to leave the US military in Syria as long as the Big Boys want you to or until the military forces are driven out.

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I remember looking out my office window at Bank of America Pasadena in Nov '62 wondering how much longer we all had to live. When the confrontation was over everyone believed that never, ever again would we get into such a situation. As Saker says there is not a single rational person in a position of power in the US. If there is a nuclear exchange the survivors will envy the dead.

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In 1971 people thought the Powell Manifesto was not a serious proposal. Well here nearly 50 years later we can plainly see that the later Supreme Court Justice was deadly earnest. Or should we say deathly earnest. The program he outlined for the US Chamber of Commerce, and which they enacted, can probably account for much of the current decline in life expectancy.