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"When the neurodiversity movement first got its legs, oh so many years ago, we got a LOT of pushback from people who thought we were denying disability."

There's the money quote. Well said.

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Hey Shannon, thanks for writing this up. It is a shame what this group has chosen as their focus. The autism community is too fractured because of these types of groups and are often the loudest voices in the room so the message society receives is damaging and ultimately unproductive. I don't what can unify the autism community but speaking out against groups like NCSA needs to continue.

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What kind of brain-dead analogy is that Michelle? Children's intestinal linings are sloughing off with MMS with no benefit whatsoever. How does that compare to chemotherapy?

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Science at work! I can' think of a better way to demonstrate for the lay-crowd that MMS is bleach. Well done Emily.

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Atrocities don't have anything to do with cure.

@ Billy, but they do have quite a bit to do with "cure". There are many parents who submit their special needs children to dangerous and unproven "treatments" in the name of curing them. That is absolutely an atrocity.

I'm with Billy. Cure and support are not an either/or position.

When it comes to what I describe, yes it absolutely is mutually exclusive. The point of this post is to support organisations which promote evidence-based therapies and valid research avenues. Do you take the position that it is just fine for parents to take medical science into their own hands to experiment on their children? Because that is what I am criticising.

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Excellent points and I too would like to see a list of those who fulfil those criteria. I am constantly asked what are legitimate autism organisations that one can donate to.

@ Billy Cresp, there are too many atrocities being perpetrated against special needs children in the name of "cure". By all means address any developmental impairments with evidence-based therapies and pharmaceuticals but there is no such thing as "curing" autism.

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Is there a particular reason my post isn't going through?

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Is there a particular reason my post isn't going through? I'll try again:

Oh, please. Get your facts straight and stop spreading hysteria. If a child were actually being given "bleach" they would be dead or in the hospital instead of being RECOVERED from autism. Yeah, that's right. Diagnosis of autism GONE. Free to live a normal and healthy life.

And by the way, it would not be a bad idea to look into why mms works, what detoxification is, why children with autism have a myriad of health issues, and why those myriad of health issues are the CAUSE of autism. Yes, people. Autism, in many cases, is a medical issue that MMS treats exceedingly well. Educate yourselves before going on a witch hunt without any merit.

The point is, is that we have educated ourselves about what MMS is and make no mistake, it's an industrial bleach when mixed with citric acid: and precisely how Ms. Rivera and Mr. Humble instruct its use. Adverse reactions aren't all or nothing, i.e. death or no harm. It causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and kidney failure all of which Ms. Rivera conveniently waves off as "it's working". It has no specific affinity and destroys all cells it comes into contact with. This has to stop and legal penalties need to be instituted against the distributors and purveyors of MMS. There is no biological efficacy of MMS for anything other than sanitising waste water and every bit of evidence of harm. For those so concerned with toxins, this IS one.

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Our goal with this specific campaign is not to "merely" ban someone from AutismOne's roster at all. The petition goes to the FDA and FTC asking for cease-and-desists against online vendors of MMS. We also ask in this post that AutismOne publicly renounce association with the cult/church peddling MMS as an "autism" cure.

I seem to have skipped a couple of crucial steps in my diatribe. I assumed that your call to AutismOne to renounce Kerri Rivera's activities and the use of MMS would lead to the next logical step of them either doing so or not. Since I doubt they will given the platform they gave Ms. Rivera and this is a crowd who gives standing ovations to the ghoulish Geier duo for their chemical castrations and chelation combo, what then? Let's say for the sake of argument they do renounce MMS and Kerri Rivera, what then? Are any of their other offerings to credulous or arrogant parents less of an abomination perpetrated against disabled children?

What you are doing is so important, I really mean that so I loathe to sound so despondent. But the reality on the ground is that the FDA is essentially powerless to issue any thing more than the warning they issued two years ago barring reports of deaths and numerous, serious adverse reactions. I cynically advance that the people using this on their autistic children aren't going to report adverse reactions or worse since the harm is at their own hand; "AutismIStreatable" is a profound example of the denial or ignorance that perpetuates these "treatments".

This is getting out there in large part thanks to this group here. But I guess what I was getting at was the question, "is this a one-off reaction or the beginning of a sustainable movement to protect the rights of special needs children who are being clearly abused"?