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That's quite reasonably priced. We have just been doing 11 plus preparation and you can spend a fortune on it if you aren't careful.

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I might try the Northern Lights books again soon. I did read the first one and enjoyed it, but didn't get around to reading the rest and now I need to reread the first because I've forgotten.

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Jam tarts are so easy aren't they? And yet I haven't made them for ages. Might give them a go as I have some jam to use up.

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I do like your tin can plant pots - they look really effective and so much cheaper than buying pots.

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I must get back to checking my bank statements more often - I used to do this religiously, but I've slipped. Not only do you spot problem transactions, but it also makes you think twice about future purchases.

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I love the leggings, in fact I love the cardigan too. I would have lived in those all summer too.

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My week has been blurry too. I have no idea what day it is. The weekends and the weekdays are all blending into one and we have no structure to our lives. I'm glad you managed to bring your appointment forward as I know that was causing concern.

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The weather is the thing that's really got me. The summer was shaping up quite nicely until the schools broke up - typical!

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I can imagine it will be a sad, but proud moment when I realise my son can manage without me. In some things we are already there of course, even though my son is younger than yours at 10.

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With bubble and squeak