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Wow, thank you, that is lovely.

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Goodbye, you have been the best and will continue to be the best in your next adventures.

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Yeah well possums are better than Hanson.

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In suburban Phoenix, we didn't have woods, exactly, but there sure were plenty of palo verde groves in the park near our school. You'd catch the occasional nudie magazine if you were looking. Which we always were.

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Is this what happens when you write from Australia? Everything gets turned upside down?

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El Cheetoh, for reasons that now escape me.

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Is SuperTaco on Columbia still there? Because that was my go-to when I lived there.

And in the 'burbs, out toward Shenandoah, in tiny Warrenton, VA, there's a little crappy little place called Rancho El Paso that is as close to dingy-yet-delicious Arizona-style Mexican food as I've found on the East Coast.

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I'll also say that I had the misfortune of marrying a New Yorker, so now that we live on the West Coast, no pizza is ever good enough and we rarely even eat pizza because she's so disappointed in it. I try to argue, "It's still pizza! It's still good, even if it's not as good as what you grew up with!" to no avail.

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The better half and I were waiting around for a movie the other day and the CPK was right next door, so we said what the heck. I actually got that chicken tequila fettuccine thing, and it was just so boring. It wasn't gross, exactly, but it just tasted like creamed salt.

I can't comment on the Two in a Bowl, because no comment can be made.

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My father and his brother were not quite teenagers, but both in the double-digit ages when their birth parents put them in an orphanage, so they remember the experience vividly. My dad practically refuses to discuss his adoption, and I think it's out of fear that his anger at his birth parents will bubble over uncontrollably, and not being in control is, for him, the most frightening thing he can imagine. He never developed much fondness for his adoptive family, either. The closest thing he ever found to gratitude, I think, was for my mom's family, which took him in like a son when he and my mom married.

I remember when I first learned my dad's birth surname. I asked if he felt any connection to it at all, and he said he didn't. It held nothing for him. Neither, for that matter, did his adoptive surname, until he and my mom started our family. For a while, I felt untethered at the idea that our last name had no relevance to its bloodline and that another name out there, one willfully abandoned, did. But I'm coming around to the idea that it's OK for one half of our family history to be only a generation old. It carries less baggage that way, I suppose.