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both I guess, just like Mittens was pro-life AND pro-choice

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He was "right on Obamacare" in what sense? In the sense that it was dangerous Communism that would bring the country to its knees? Or in the sense that it was a decent common sense way to deal with a FUBAR healthcare system?

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The highlight for me has to be John Wayne Gacy-Gate. The original bizarre statement and the amazing follow-up with hordes of Michelle fans trying to make what she said right, even going onto Wikipedia and rewriting John Wayne's biography (did that really happen or was it just a fever dream?)

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Seems like this nice lady, who runs a non-partisan website on local politics and who only ever turns up and videotapes events for her website, was actually removed at the request of one Clint Bearden, an active Republican and a local attorney in the office of David Ralston. There were plenty of other people also videotaping this event but she was singled out by Bearden, who asked this delightful, OFF DUTY cop to remove her. One reason may be that she had recently videotaped a call for Ralston’s removal as speaker at the Capitol. "That day, civic leaders including some key Republicans, gathered at the capitol and called for a new speaker after pointing out evidence of how Ralston runs the House as a dictatorship. They also explained how he uses a leadership funding scheme to subvert the will of Georgia voters by sending huge sums of money to selected candidates in Republican primaries." So... local politics are a dark, claustrophobia-inducing rabbit hole, as usual.

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O/T but how dyed is Perry's hair? It was a kind of dusty old cowboy grey in 2012, now it's a virile, thrusting shade of mahogany. Combined with his new smart-person glasses, looks like someone's had a makeover!!

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Santorum, what about Santorum? I can't really relax until I hear that Santorum's in. I want to get the old team back together for one last adventure...

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Uh, this is hilarious but I just had a look at FEMA Exposed and I've got a feeling it may already be a spoof site... which would be awkward... I know it's hard to tell these days and all, but have a look at their previous postings.

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Oh God. My fave comment there: "Try him for reason"

Try 'em all for reason, why not?

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"There’s no way you look at a photo of Bill Burroughs shooting his wife in the face in Mexico without thinking there’s reason the Most Interesting Man in the World is pro-gun!”

Now that I might go for.

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Seeing Chris Burden being shot and/or nailed to the roof of a car would have provoked a fairly visceral response in me.