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Thank you, as always for sharing lists of books! They are always looked forward to!

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Would love the WWII book! Our family both immediate and extended are kinda WWII buffs. :-)

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Thank you Prayer Pilowcases for such an awesome and generous giveaway!

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The Blessed Be God prayer book is my favorite. Thank you for always sharing so many great ideas for gifts!

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Thank you so much for all your ideas for living the liturgical Year. They are so inspiring and helpful! I never thought I would use the cookies presses, until your Instagram photo the other days of the cookies your awesome girls made for you. :-) We are on a very restricted diet too, and desserts are hard to come up with, I was so excited when I saw those cookies. I was excited that there may be a Liturgical Living type dessert that would be easy enough to make"diet-approved" as all our kiddos call it nowadays. ;-) It hard enough just to afford ingredients for such a diet and cook for it, but to make it fun on top of that can be really hard sometimes. Thank you for your help in this!

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Thank you! I love all the ideas!

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Thank you, as always for your awesome posts about books and giveaways! God bless you!

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Such a perfect giveaway for your blog! :-) Thank you for always offering such lovely giveaways, and all the work you put into sharing things on your blog!

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Thank you for the review, and the giveaway, too! I've been wondering about this program. Looks excellent!