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And no food!

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And it's not just a flash of white; in Lapis' flashback you can see it's divided into thirds. White, blue, and yellow. (An obvious parallel presents itself...)

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The bit where Peridot removed the bowtie looks to me as if there's stuffing coming out, so my vote is plushie.

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So I'm on a mailing list for fans of Gilbert & Sullivan and one of the topics there lately has been public controversy over The Mikado. As one might expect from a G&S list, a lot of the population there is older and white (and often conservative), but the conversation there has still shocked me:

We've had people not only saying that The Mikado isn't racist (uh, hell yes it is, I like it but it is FRICKIN' RACIST) but Brits in particular dismissing the US protests as irrelevant and saying that UK companies ought to be able to stage the show in whatever stereotype-dependent way they like-- because America has a history of racism while Britain doesn't. Yep, you read that right, the UK apparently has no history of racism! (What a relief for all the marginalized groups there and in ex-colonies all over the world, I'm sure!)

When pressed, the posters on the list start narrowing their definition of "racism" in much the same way Pratchett (I think unconsciously) does here; it only applies to certain ethnic groups, or it must be state-sponsored, or, or, or... anything so long as acknowledging its existence doesn't interfere with the things they like or the jokes they want to make. It's infuriating... and infuriatingly common. So common that even a socially-aware, think-about-things-from-new-angles guy like Terry Pratchett falls prey to the same old habits of thought. (Especially when going for broad simplistic comedy, as HordeumV states below.)

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This is... a very good point that I've never heard for this episode before! *applause*