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Iron ore pellets supplied heavily by Cleveland Cliffs. Those boats still come to the Upper Harbor dock here in Marquette to take loads of ore. The dock in Lower Harbor is abandoned and makes for a strange sight to the tourist.

Welcome to the UP: we supplied the raw materials to build America. First was the timber, then came the brownstone for all those lovely row houses on the East Coast, and then came the iron (and copper). Praise be to Murilee, but he'd never move here. It's the land that rust didn't forget, where cars slowly return to the Earth from whence they originated.

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Like how in the hell do you manipulate a touch screen that small?

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I resisted for a long time, and i had the same problem as you: it's very hard to find a decent regular phone anymore. I only went to the iPhone because Best Buy offered a 3GS for free with a contract and it was time to renew. I've grown accustomed to it, and it's very helpful for work (sending/receiving emails).

I may, however, now be dependent on it. I once handed it over to a tech so he could get me onto the company's server with it and found myself confused. I no longer look for a magazine in a waiting room; it's phone fiddle time.

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While in Korea i had a tiny, tiny flip phone. I'd say that it was no more than 2.5 inches long, an inch wide and .5 - .75 inches thick (closed). I really loved that thing because it required almost no pocket space. Sometimes i think about it when i'm dragging the iPhone out of my pocket.

...then again, i didn't listen to/sometimes watch baseball games on that phone. I didn't route two email addresses through it and all the other super dooper gadgetry of modern phone. On the other hand, an iPhone is as massive as i could deal with. I see people with the XL Droid and cannot imagine living with that thing day-in-and-day-out.

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True, and i'd rather have an unmolested '91-'93 Civic hatch than any new car. But the SO isn't into that scene; i'm not willing to give up the '87 Toyota Pickup; and we live at least four hours from any family. The no worries of a new car is what tempts me. (I get Ford's Zplan though, so i'm waiting to test drive a Fiesta.)