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I just. Art and feminism and adoption and religion and LGBT Gilmore Girls and terrifying, terrifying children's stories and and and.....just thank you. All of you.

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Spa day at least once a month. Entire day floating around in a fluffy robe, indulging in at least three treatments including massage, taking the waters.

A lot more travel (ie more than once every couple of years).

Standard issue library with rolling ladder and at least two secret doors/passageways.

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Aaaaaaaaaah. Thank you.

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Fascinating and salacious, thank you! My understanding of the golden age directors comes from murky half-remembered stories and Christian Borle's portrayal of Zanuck in "Don't Say Yes Until I Finish Talking" from the love-to-hate-it show Smash. I wish a good rip of the scene existed on Youtube.

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I was a the zoo a few years ago and everywhere we went, we came across the same family with just incredibly badly behaved, spoiled kids. Eventually in the picnic area, there they were. The 6ish year old son approached a nearby Canada goose and wound up a very telegraphed kick at the bird. Parents just sort of half-watching, not doing anything. Not gon lie, my party were like

Goose turned and hissed and came at him, bro, and it was great. Didn't HURT the child, I'm not a monster, but the scream/fall/scrabble away was sheer delight. I hope lessons were learned that day.

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I honestly can't decide which part of this is my favourite, but I think it's "If I were a goose on vacation."

Geese are self-assured AF. They will brook no carnage from tigers. They will eat your children.

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This was blocking my path last year. I dodged into traffic to cross the street because that was safer.

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Especially Canada Geese. Except you have to add a "...please" after "fuckos."

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Request a gender-swapped version of the entire series with Mallory as captain y/y

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Spaghatta Nadle!!!