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Thank you for speaking to this Chad. It's mind blowing to see how Christians will fight for a man to be free from an abusive prison in Iran but either shrug their shoulders or actively fight against a woman who wants to be free from an abusive marriage. And of course the statistics bear out that very few women would ever make up such allegations, especially since women are often attacked and questioned even when speaking against an abusive man. And it's quite common for Christian leaders to close ranks to defend each other in the face of such allegations. If only the people who advocated and prayed for Saeed did the same for Nagmeh.

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I was snack dad at my son's preschool one week. I got a little intimidated by the fact that I had to line up the chairs at the table and wipe it off, but no one died, so I guess it went OK...

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I knew that Mark had an accident at one point, but I never knew it was so life-threatening.

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I don't think you've given enough thought to the illogical dissents to your point of view. I demand a follow up post for clarification or will start working on an open letter.

All that to say, great post Preston. So helpful and spot on.

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Thanks for the clarity in this post Kristen. It's so helpful to see the bigger picture here. Sadly, the bigger picture doesn't fit into 30 second sound bites.

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Thanks for this balanced and hilarious post Sharideth. I lost track of how many different ways you described kicking/punching men in the groin because you made so many fantastic points.

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1 or 6. Go bold or go... home? ;)

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I love this post because it's also a challenge for bloggers to get stuff done. Thanks for leading by the example of what you do.

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What a great word! I love. The idea of venture. We are sent out after all, so it's quite a fitting thing for you to explore. I pray that God will give you the wisdom to know when to venture out! I'm not sure what the Hebrew or Greek equivalent of "Really, God?" would be, but I'm sure a lot of people int he Bible said something similar quite often!
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Interesting book David. I'll be on the look out for it. Does this book imply that Christianity is inherently political, or are you looking at political theology as a subset of theology?