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Take a bow for that title. "A rheum with a clue," indeed. Love it.

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This is the sort of thing that makes me weep. (My sister had two babies, neither of whom survived more than a couple of days; I contend it was the heartbreak, not the pneumonia, that killed her at 22.)

It will end. Perhaps the medical types will be able to solve this problem next time. (There will be a next time, right?)
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The last thing I expected to hear was an obscure Sonny & Cher record.

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Oh, that necklace is amazing. :)

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26. Having written a fanfic involving a grown-up Twist, I found this quite lovely.

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An eminently sensible approach. The Professionals, I suspect, would be telling you "you're doing it wrong." At this point, you should be able to smile (through clenched but undamaged teeth) and tell them to go jump a stump.

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I'll give you McVeigh, who is most sincerely dead, but Loughner was less political than culturally obsessed: in particular, he was devoted to a cult film called Zeitgeist, which neither left nor right can embrace with any fervor.

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This will make life easier for those flying in, since this new location is way out towards KCI, which means it's halfway to Des Moines.

My very first con was MWBF, in '13.

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I sampled some of her other work, and I'm definitely going to be following whatever she does.

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I'd be content if it just makes it until I'm 100.