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What also needs to be acknowledged here is the amount of planning that went into this deliberate slaughter. From day one, ten or fifteen(?) snipers were ready to 'engage'. I didn't see any back up support for these snipers. If there had been a real fear of the Gazans breaking through the containment fence, what would a handful of snipers done to stop them? They would have managed to kill dozens more Palestinians but would ultimately have been killed. We would have seen lines upon lines of IDF soldiers if there was even the smallest chance of escape for the people of Gaza. Their own behaviour convicts the Israelis of exaggerating the threat in order to kill at will.

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There is a lot of deception surrounding the protection of Israel from public scrutiny. I'm not entirely sure Blumenthal isn't part of it. In the UK, Zionist supporters plot and calculate to gain maximum media criticism. Chris Friel has just published a paper that exposes the intricate timing involved in the recent attempt to get rid of Corbyn. These people are extremely dangerous to the rest of us, not just the Palestinians. https://www.academia.edu/37055678/MURALGAGA
They will stop at nothing to achieve their aims.

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Balloons versus US donated hi-tec weaponry and they still go and get an IDF soldier killed. They are incompetent. No wonder they are frightened to death of Hezbollah.

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Thanks for the link to detailedpoliticalquizzes, Ryan, it's very informative.

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It has to be a possibility dl66. I don't suppose we know for sure what these psychopaths 'governing' us are capable of. What we do know is that if they intend (as you say) to copy the the lunatics in the open air asylum (the Israelis), we should all be very worried.
Unfortunately (and I am as guilty as the next man) we won't act until it's imminent, instead of acting on behalf of others (as we should be doing now). Admittedly, it's becoming more and more difficult to criticise, never mind condemn the guilty but maybe it's time for us all to stand up and be counted - and ignore the charges of being anti semitic.

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They fear 'the stone in our hand'. Not because we are a military threat, we aren't, and never will be. It's the philosophical concept, because when we realise that the depravity they inflict on others far away can be just as easily switched to us, we have nothing to lose. Why are the Israelis so highly regarded for their 'security expertise'? Certainly, amongst us that are likely to read these pages, we don't see it as expertise but a vicious, criminal domination of a people locked in a prison with no means of defence.
The snipers targeting the Gazan's have something wrong with them, psychologically. For any government sending police forces to Israel or having them train law enforcers, it can mean only one thing. They intend using these tactics on us.
We without the uniforms cannot be regarded as equal human beings, maybe not even human at all. An honest appraisal by a psychology expert on how these people can commit such crimes would be interesting. How they manage to instill similar behaviour into others, even more so.

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You may or may not be familiar with the circumstances that surround Corbyn's Labour Party leadership in the UK but the simple fact is that not only has he got Jewish groups in the UK constantly criticising him, the media also (as one) leap on any opportunity to label him anti semitic. To confound it even further, almost a third of his own party are raging pro Zionist, Tony Blair supporters.
So far as i'm aware, he is the only politician from the West who has roundly condemned Israel. His rhetoric would have been a great deal stronger had his political position not been so precarious. Corbyn's historic support for Palestine goes back decades but what good can he do if he gives his enemies the perfect chance to remove him?

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Not much dissent from US citizens over the cancellation of American involvement in the agreement but even though the Europeans must have known this announcement was coming, they seem to be sticking by it. Despite being suspicious when oafs like Boris Johnson reiterate their commitment to the deal, I can't help thinking May, Merkel and Macron know that the population might just turn on them if they do the same thing. This article mentions the financial aspects but it has little to do with the decision by Trump. Any Americans that didn't know they were governed from Tel Aviv do now. Trump has handed the keys of the White House to the Sh*t House, Netanyahu.

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There are some magnificent images there, Octo, thanks for the link.

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Yes Gradgrind, I have only recently learnt of his passing. He was a truly great man.