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This is correct. Once you buy an item on Play, it's locked to your Google account. As long as you sign in to your Nexus 7 tablet with the same Google account, you can access all of your paid content through there.

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Just about anything by The Descendant is pretty damn great, IMHO, though a number of his fics do get featured in EQD. "Rumble and Tumble" is also pretty damn good for the characterization alone. Even if you think you know where the story is going, it decides to trip you up a bit in a good way. Those are all the complete ones off the top of my head. As for incomplete, there's one named "An Escort's Journal". Very cloppy, yes, but the characterization is done so well that I'd feel bad if I didn't mention it at all.

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I was about to comment on the same thing. When did Pinkie decide to get some swag?

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They just recently made the PSN stores browsable over the net (finally). Hopefully this link works:

There is an HD version for $4.99 but it's just a rental like the SD version.

EDIT: Looks like Xbox Video has this as well. Unlike the PSN store, their video section won't give out prices online but I don't doubt the prices and formats wouldn't be the same.

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That's what worries me. I tried going the HasbroToyShop.com route after the con last year and that site got hammered. By the time I finally got i, it was all sold out. At this rate, if I can't get it on preview night, my chances are completely shot.

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So they have this available at their shop but not DJ Pon-3? Man, I just hope I can get to that line in time tomorrow at the Con before they run out.

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They did mention it. Got its own article here: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2013/07/sweet-apple...

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Very nice figures here. Very show accurate. I would like to see what they did to the properties and cash. My only fear is that if I get this, I'd start becoming a Monopoly collector since I already have the Nintendo one. There's a slippery slope right there if I get this then all of the other ones and I just don't have the room for that at my place :)

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Oh yes. Quite a few years old by now but very good in terms of how it was constructed. I'll have to dig out my old board to confirm but the use of Nintendo locations and faces on the money was always fun to see as was the metal tokens.

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#33: Fandom sure works fast. Barely a day since the Dead Rising 3 reveal and we already get a pony in costume. Nice!