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I'm so sorry for you guys...
I remember when you blogged about Will's cancer the first time. And then you shared a link of his website... #goteamgray... And I kept visiting it ever since. My "problem" is that even when I don't know people personally, I feel the pain family and friends can have. It kinda depresses me. Then I saw Will's video and it was very violent to see HIS pain. I cried the whole night.... It's just so unfair. I lost someone I worked with and really liked last year and it's been very, very hard for me (he was 20). So I can't imagine how it is for you right now.
Sending you love and Kate by the way, you're beautiful and super talented! ;) Like Woooow. Just like Jill. :) You guys rock.

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Ahhhhh thank you, Kate! I so agree with you.

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muahahahah hilarious.

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Ahahahahah so funny. Cedric is awesome.

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wow, I LOVE it, George!!!

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:D awesome!

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Hey George!
Thanks for your super sweet comment on my blog earlier. I really appreciate it
By the way, your comic is awesome! Makes me laugh so I think I'm already a fan.
Have a great weekend.