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Great, thanks. I suppose the stories have a similar theme, but there were details of the Sherred story that I didn't recall.

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I was trying to remember, too, and was just told it is T. L. Sherred's "E for Effort."

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I'm not asking you to accept anything. I caught the story on my way out the door this morning, and noted that it was the current evidence. WBAL hasn't mentioned it again this evening and it hasn't been picked up by the Sun either, so who knows? Though more suburban now, Laurel has a (fading) tradition of being rural horse country, and is a lot more gun-friendly than Baltimore.

BTW, here's a case that might interest you. This fellow shot his wife way back when, but got the Supreme Court to reverse his conviction. Now he's suing the FBI and ATF to expunge their records, too, so he can buy weapons more freely.

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Great flick. My dittohead relatives won't watch Jeremiah because of Redford's political views.

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Just to spite you, it seems, we just had a home invasion that did involve theft of guns and no current evidence that the elderly couple were growing or dealing anything.

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Sorry to hear that. When my wife is in town, she drops me off, but she wonders why I always walk, bike or bus to the light rail station instead of parking there all day.

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An article in the Baltimore Sun references an Abell Report which indicates that a few bad apple dealers near Baltimore weren't very good at following "applicable laws." Hundreds of guns went out unaccounted, and the ATF took almost ten years to shut them down. So straw purchases were and are only part of the problem. Most dealers are OK, but there are some very bad ones.

"Around the country, a small number of dealers are typically responsible for selling a significant proportion of these new crime guns each year. Records collected by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) showed that between 1996 and 2000, about 1 percent of gun stores were the source of about 57 percent of the firearms used in crimes."

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Well, as I mentioned before, I found it fairly convincing when that 98 year-old gun designer says it was stupid of them not to have changed the design. He didn't pile on either. When they asked him about the poor woman whose rifle killed her son, he allowed as she might or might not have had her finger on the trigger, which we'll never know for sure. I've worked at places where the higher-ups did just exactly what was best for themselves, so the basic premise rings true to me.

In addition, I found it unconvincing when Remington's spokesman went all 2nd Amendment on CNBC. When the media went after Audi, would you have been swayed if Audi claimed the media was anti-driving? When the media went after Marion Barry for buying drugs, he started wearing a dashiki. Did that make him any less guilty? Of course not.

That said, I agree that CNBC did over-dramatize it. But that's what TV does nowadays.

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An interview by a DJ that hadn't even seen the show isn't very useful.

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I'm watching, and it looks pretty bad for Remington when the 98 yo man who designed the damn thing complains about it.