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Once I read that he was making a remix of this I had really high hopes and he definitely met those expectations!

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Its a spectacle!

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When I read "Shimmer Flutter" in the title I was expecting something Sunset Shimmer and Flutershy together, heh.

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People are obviously not going to have a problem with general non-saucy pics and there is no shortage of great non-saucy pics out there. No need to include something that would otherwise turn people away (including the primary target audience) as filler. And there are already places that can host and organize the saucy pics out there- and do better at that.

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[sunset shimmer fans pop out of burrows in the ground]
[we frantically look around like meerkats while chanting "Sunset Shimmer?", "Sunset?" "Shimmer?" in random order and not all quite in unison]
[no results found]
[we go back into hibernation]

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Nothing else is the same except that Jem is her name

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You call that adult?

I mean sure its not all "sunshine and rainbows" but conflict, action, and even the glimpse of the AU's we got and all that aren't really "adult." Unless its really really drawn out and focused on. For example, the fact the Mr. and Ms. Cake have babies isn't "adult", unless they were focusing on the process of how they got kids for example.

IDK, when ever I see people unironically be like "MLP is such a MANLY show" or "You call this 'for kids'?" it usually strikes me as people being insecure about liking something that is primarily for kids/girls. And theres nothing inherently wrong with feeling insecure since society conditions such things that way, but at the same time no need to underplay the fact that it is indeed a primarily a kids/girls show to yourself or when talking with other friends/fans.

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"Shooting Yourself in the Foot" by Sony Pictures Animations

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Its super cute because she was already a fan of the show so shes like geeking out!

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So in general which ones are "limited" and which aren't?