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This is such a dynamite post that covers every important aspect everyone needs to know regarding the 9/11 attack on Benghazi. Great job!

CNN is just learning about this and tells their audience of 6 that there are "Five things we learned" about Benghazi yesterday

Who needs CNN? People only need your posts and the CRO radio show on BTR

and I even covered your story and some other details on the new world war going on in Mali on last nights show here

We are rocking and rolling. Benghazi will not die on our watch!

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Thanks for doing a great job editing this Pat. You always are able to edit and post something at the drop of a dime!

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Which link and on which home page? The Howlers Den home page?

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Hey Mary,

No reason to post it here. That wont help you anyway. Best thing to do is to make a complaint to Blogger or Blogspot. But before I can guide you properly in what reference were they posting your info? Why did they claim to target you?

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@CRO Hoooorah!

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Hi Moondog,
The "leaks" that are coming from the administration are unprecedented. Never in American history have we had an administration that will give more detailed briefings to friendly journalists and hollywood producers than they will give to Congressional Committees. TeamOpSec has nothing to gain politically. So I am confused when you say they are doing this "purely for partisan political gain." Furthermore, if you reject the act of those that operate solely for "partisan political gain" then I can only conclude that you think that your actions are purely "objective" with no "political gain" or goal motivating you. If you do think that then you are lying to yourself. And no one you told that too would believe you either.
You say this blog is "nothing but a partisan hack rag". The title should tell you that it is in fact a partisan site. Our philosophy leans right. But if the content surprises you even after noticing the title then your reading comprehension is phenomenally low.
RE: "post[ing] every author here that we can locate." is sort of a childish threat (if it can even be taken as a threat). The problem you have is what? That someone posted info on your group? Deal with it. Its what you do. If Linda Mendes is irrelevant then your groups response doesnt reflect that. You are acting like someone who is still trying to protect themselves. And your problem is with me, not with "every author" on here.
Furthermore, your group has not even been able to get my info right and I have publicly confirmed it all in my Twitter time line (@dmatthewstewart) and on my blog Not just once either but I have confirmed my info repeatedly. So that tells me that you're just checking an outdated database and then putting it on your blog. You can even confirm this info from a quick tweet to those who consider me an enemy on twitter. I am not sure what database you are using (try using Lexis Nexis) but my address shouldnt ever be listed as 43 or #43 on Granfield ave. It is amazing that you can get the easiest part wrong that takes under 5 minutes to confirm.
PS-What you are about is censorship. Just like in 2010 when you were addressing the issues you had with HackForums and their content. You threatened to get it shut down and do it with the help of 60 Minutes. How did that work out for you? HackForums is still up and I mustve missed the 60 Minutes special on it. Youre frauds and hypocrites. You publish personal info on people and they scream when someone does it to you. You are not only an advocate of censorship but you attempt to be an enforcer of censorship. You fail in every area. Time to get a new hobby. Try knitting or jigsaw puzzles

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Oh, and one other thing: SU/Howlers Den could have continued to to drop information on whomever they wished. They couldve continued doing this for the rest of their lives. But they had to go ahead and target our heroes. That is where they screwed up.

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Hey J,

You are entirely correct when you say that they are only tough behind a computer screen. SU/Howlers Den immediately had a response to this post. And their response was very telling. They know that they have been outed and, like the cowards they are, started to form a narrative of lies. They proactively started to say that Linda Mendes was only with the group a short time and they had all teamed up and used Linda's IP address. But then it back fired causing her to run away. Who believes that? They just know that all of their info is about to be exposed. This is just the beginning; just a small taste of their own medicine. And they gag at the taste. So much so that are trying to run away rather than be forced to take another dose. Well, too bad :)

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I hear you. I think it just comes down to a matter of preference. Im not sure why questions as headlines grab my attention more to be honest. Its strange, when I see headlines on blogs that arent stated as a question, I can usually toss it through my brain quick and my own notes come to mind. But for some reason when its a question I tend to read it. I guess I go in thinking that there may be an answer that I have not dug up.

And I dont necessarily think a headline in the form of a question ventures into conspiratorial territory unless it sounds really wacky. For example, if I saw the headline "Does Ron Paul get Russian super models flown into the states for pushing his 'Audit the fed' mantra?" Of course Im cheating here because I already know that to be true. But something to that effect, posed as a question, could definitely throw someone off.

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@blogagog I dont mind headlines that ask a question. In the new media a lot of headlines that are posted as questions draws in those who like to "deal with the facts". Or at least it works for me. I am always asking questions so I can gather facts. For a while I have been asking "Why is there a Malik Shabaz on the WH guest list?" and "Is the Bill Ayers that is listed the real Bill Ayers?" or "Will they make more Shake Weight commercials for the lonely without an internet connection?" I ask these things because I think they are important. What if it was the real Bill Ayers? What if I lose my internet connection? See what I mean?