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My wife and I talk about our calendars every so often. I can't get her to view my calendar on her phone but she knows what's going on.

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I am a fan. Glad he's good at quarterback and doesn't have to depend on his singing. :)

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Nice. I have always liked this version. :)

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I joined on twitter about 4 1/2 years ago, around March of 2007. I joined it since it was the newest thing going. At the time I was reading a lot of blogs and had seen some post about it and thought I would check it out. I think I even had that before facebook and myspace but can't remember for sure. Anyway, jump to today, Myspace got deleted a long time ago so twitter and facebook have been my primary social media. I really like Google+, so I am taking it slow with how I build my circles. The problem there is lack of others joining it. My friends back home are using facebook.

As far as who I follow/friend/put in my circle, with twitter and facebook it was anybody and everybody. But that was a mistake and over the last several months I have cut back on those numbers. I still have a lot to clean out but I will get there. Sometimes my timelines are just unmanageable. To much noise and not enough quality content. Even people who I thought I would never unfriend/unfollow are about to be so. People have changed their focus on what they post so I really don't want to follow them anymore.

As far as interaction or information, for me it's both. There are some that I know will never reply to me and I'm ok with that. The information they provide help me spiritually and with my job. I think the balance of signal to noise is the key.

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Great drawing Greg. I know the feeling sometimes. I think we all can label our own vines on that drawing. How do I handle it? Once I find out I will let you know. I know at times, just a weekend away with Misty will help. Sometimes I just need a break from all of the responsibilities I have. Just not worry about anything but that is hard for me right now since my boss is out sick.

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Will do. Some of the videos imply that you need to have some stuff on a network share. Do you know if that is the case or can you run it stand alone?

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Looks like a pretty cool tool. I have a pc I have to look at tonight so I guess I will have to check this out and see how it goes. Thanks. :)

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I've been wanting to get this book for my wife ever since I seen it so one way or another I am getting this book :)

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I feel that God is calling me for something I just don't know what it is. I just need to slow down and listen. I think this book would help me in that.

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When my wife and I decided to step away from the church we were attending and I would step away from the tech ministry I was leading, some people in the church starting shunning us from that point. I remember one time at dinner with some friends I worked with and went to school with vividly. A couple from that church and their son was having dinner in the back of the room we were in. When they were finished, the couple walked out but their son stopped and talked to us.

Sad I know but I guess that is just how it is sometimes. I guess they thought that since we were leaving that we were putting them down or something.