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I have asked this question several times on these blogs and never received a direct answer to my question.

I have read that Israelis, or at least Jews in Israel, receive state paid education from kindergarten through graduate school and state financed medical care from cradle to grave. Is this true, or to what extent is it true? And to what extent are Palestinians within Israel included? I'm looking for a factual answer from someone who knows.

The reason I ask this question is because of the cost of higher education in the U.S., especially at the college and graduate school level and the debt that often goes with it, and because of the high cost of medicine, which can often throw persons into bankruptcy, and the mediocre results, Americans might begin to wonder why we are engaging in multi-trillion dollar wars on Israel's behave. I believe it is something Americans might connect with.

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I have read that in Israel, education is state paid from kindergarten through graduate school and that medical care is state paid from cradle to grave. Is this true?

I asked this question yesterday on another article and only received a sarcastic reply and no answer.

In light of the financial burden and quality of education, especially higher education, and medical care in the United States and the money we spend on middle eastern wars I would think this would be, if true, a significant piece of information that might influence public opinion.

But apparently nobody knows the answer.

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I have read that In Israel proper all citizens have state funded education from kindergarten through graduate school. And that all citizens have state funded medical care from cradle to grave.

Is this true? And do these benefits extend to the Palestinians?

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If the Palestinians want a good defensive strategy they might consider mass conversion to the Shia form of Islam. What have the Sunnis ever done for them? How much would the Israelis like to see the "Shiite Crescent" spread right across Israel.

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Let's face it, the Palestinians are nearly helpless. Since their Sunni co-religionists do little to help them and are quite willing to betray them, have they ever seriously considered converting to Shia Islam? If they did that the Shiite Crescent would extend right through occupied Palestine.