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Someone on Toastie Slack commented on that similarity, saying that perhaps kittens wishing to be cotched like putting on their best formalwear, which has been delighting me since I read it.

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Yep. If MFR had a good rapport with the cat I would maybe come down on Aunt Acid's side, but "MFR holds her until she growls and picks up and tosses her" was the point where I was like "nah okay it's your cat now, LW"

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Yeah I also gotta disagree on that cat one. MFR sounds like a shitty pet owner and shitty friend, and you don't owe this to her at all. Also while I am all about treating others well, "But if you have to choose between hurting yourself and someone else, you choose hurting yourself. That’s what it means to be a grown-up." is N O T a healthy or necessarily "grown-up" way to live. You are allowed to balance your needs with the needs of others, and to me the fact that the cat is also probably better off in your care tips the balance here to your continued ownership.

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I assumed peoples' goal is to not let said genocide go forgotten - but yeah, I like "modern US history" as a means of distinguishing.

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along with FLOORING: OTHER, too D:

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Yeah no, re: AAM, I'd probably be that jerk and go to HR like "during the interview process this aspect of my team was not discussed and I wanted to make sure you were aware of it because it's not something I'm comfortable with". It's a little bit of playing dumb about the extent to which this is Not Okay, but it's a way to bring it up without totally coming off as Killer of Fun, and hopefully HR is smart enough to be like ohhhh wait noooope.

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Oh noooo fingers crossed that your car luck changes course. I went 8 years without issue before moving to a new city and have now been through 3 cars in 5 years, including totalling one on my birthday and two hit-and-runs in under two weeks on its replacement. (do not) JOIN ME IN THE TERRIBLE CAR LUCK CORNER.

(most recent claim was my fault - lost a fight with a very stealthy fence gate - but NONE OF THE OTHERS WERE.)

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I am endlessly amused by horrifying 50's recipes.

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That's fine! I hope your week gets better. :( I'm glad for the update though haha, because I've been hearing about Toast Post stuff and I haven't done any of these before so I was kind of going OH NO IS THAT THE THING? DID MY MATCH EMAIL GET LOST? DID THEY NOT WANT ME?