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Everything is going south, going rotten, going bad under Obama's sham reign as POTUS. Sham in that Obama is not even eligible to be POTUS since he is not a natural born citizen, which is required per the Constitution, regardless if he was born in HI. I'm an engineer and have little desire to use my skills under DEM PC multicultural post-modern globalist anti-Judeo-Christian new age occultic stupidity rule in the US. I am trying to move to Israel where white men & educated men are at least partially looked up to instead of black rapper thugs and BBall players like in the US. BTW..I"m also a body builder & trying to go pro as a racquetball player. PS..get rid of the guy in charge of NASA who is trying to make Muslims feel good about their rotten history of violence.

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I saw a video once where leading Yogis from India cover themselves in poo (older poo). Maybe this guy will become the next super Yogi of India? They could call him Guru PooPoo

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Living in Hawaii for over 10 years, I learned you can't trust racist Polynesians or new age hippie-like caucasians. Very racist place against whites due in part to revisionist liberal history. Although not very friendly to blacks, they despise whites much more and would be happy to see a black president from Hawaii with many graphics people willing to produce a fake birth certificate. I heard 'stupid fu#%'n haole' too many times to count living there. Haole is like the 'N' word but since it is directed at whites it will never be an endangered word. Also, Tita Mokes (pronounced Teeta Mohks), pidgin English for feminazi women like Rosie O'Donnell but Polynesian, are the worst. Fukino looks like she might be a Tita Moke.

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I was in Jordan last year near Wadi Rum on the way to Petra (where Jesus is supposed to return in glory to save a remnant of believers from the anti-Christ 666 forces) from Eilat Israel (I skipped Egypt since a few radicals--probably Muslim Brotherhood--shot a few missiles at Israel and were threatening kidnappings). Many people in that area of Jordan are quite poor, eking out a living, esp. the Bedoins.

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Black Eyed peas are Obama worshippers and most of their music isn't that great......I'll click over to another channel

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Smvt sites are terrible indeed, but religious Pharisee legalism (Jesus #1 enemy) is the worst of the worst and often leads to rebellion like smvt sites & their actors/actresses. Islam is a legalistic judgmental Pharisee religion. Youtube vids in Iran show fat ugly policewomen fully covered often beating or judging pretty Iranian women simply showing too much hair under their head covering or a little skin on their arms, ears, or ankles. Even worse, many of those men judging are secretly looking at the smvt Web sites or satellite TV smvt. Jesus offers a relationship w/Him (he is God) and power through the holy spirit to withstand temptation and to withstand embracing legalism and comfort in dealing with legalistic judgmental non-merciful authority.

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atheists belong to weekly cult religions called science fiction, filled with occultism, fantasy, religions, worship, fanaticism, aliens, UFOs, etc. Sci-Fi writers admit that they get to start their own religions in their works. Readers (usually atheists & agnostics) embrace the religion until their next book/movie. Weird cults grew out of this like Scientology. Thus, atheists/agnostics are hypocrites to the max.

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Democracy doesn't work or doesn't work well in Islamic countries. The islamic religion is intricately linked with politics. El Baradei is bad for the US and bad for Israel. The Muslim brotherhood is bad for the US & bad for Israel. What is happening fits well w / Bible prophecy. Read Ezekiel 38-39 about Gog and Magog.

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Many Muslims, besides being legalistic and often violent, are some of the world's worst hypocrites. The Sultan of Brunei and his brother, Sadam Hussein's sons (now dead) are four more examples of power, greed, and weird sehxuality.

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Obama is a liar liar MOM-PANTS on fire kinda guy