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It's not bad when you have a group to share it with. Thanks meetup.com!

But in all seriousness, we literally have a term for the "non-brony": we call them our nbf's (non-brony friends) since we all have our two friend circles in and out of the fandom respectively. For most of us, the two realms never meet each other. Otherwise, I think most of us keep it on the DL from our nbfs when in practice. At least I do. Sure I have pony all over my room when they come by to visit, but my nbfs are all friends' i've known for 10+ years, so they're not shallow and going to ditch me just b/c of one hobby of mine.

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My Luna came in yesterday...and I got the sparkly variant!!!!! Talk about luck lol

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Spitfire...all day, erryday lol

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In a cartoon? Hooves because they're like marshmallow feet :-3

IRL? Definitely hands lol

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Oh this would have been fun to post for. But I figure i missed the entry for it xD

My rooms got an interesting set up to it, so I wouldn't mind sharing.

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"Say what you will about Spitfire..."

Who's saying trash about Spitfire?!!?!


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apparently I was proven so XD

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I actually do read these. but I bet no one will read this comment lol

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I really want to get serious with drawing... It's a skill I just want to really cultivate.

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To be honest, this doesn't look that bad. The animation seems to be just as smooth. Twi seems to be reacting appropriately (HOLY SHIT WHATS GOING ON!?). The voice actors are all there it seems. Meghan is writing for it.

Sure it's a crazy concept, and perhaps cliche (highschool). And yes it is kind of disconcerting that the first feature length shot with FIM is....well not technically FIM.

But I'll give it a shot.
Just remember guys, a lot of us (me and my friends at least) never thought MLP could ever be good. I'm withholding judgement for now :)
Could be a fun surprise!