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My dear, I shut off the tel-lie-vision a loooong time ago due to this filth. Michelle Obama isn't being attacked for her fashion ideas, mom skills or wife skills. She is being attacked because she is BLACK.

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Something I must remember as a woman living in a white, male supremacist world:

1. Women were, are and always will be sexual objects.
2. If objectification is out of the question, then she is property.
3. Men reward other men on sexually abusive behaviour.
4. The only way a woman is taken seriously is if she is no longer sexually threatening.

Those 3 things that I force myself to remember have saved me numerous times from degradation and physical harm. It also helps that I've purposefully cut myself off from the world in the ways of working from home, having just a couple, and I mean 2, friends outside of family and not watching TV.

Sorry for your trauma as a young girl...I'm sure that that stayed with you throughout the ages.

Something else to consider.

Men fear the sexual power of a woman. Always have. so they mean to "control" that power by making it their own through means of degradation. Of course, not all men use women sexually...those that do are suffering from something vacant within.

But remember my dear, that this society rewards violence in its most primitive form. That includes:

Abuse of any kind

We tend to lionize aggression as "leadership" and have no clue as to why our society is in shambles. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!


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I don't have any words in the English Language to describe this, so I'll say nothing.

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I'm not surprised by this at all. Whites have policed us for 500 years...We need sovereignty...that way we can have our parks and businesses.

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Thank you, sis for sharing your personal story. As a black woman, I too have been in an interracial relationship in my youth. Madly in love and naive, I thought that colour didn't matter...it did. A lot. Especially to his mother and his closeted racist friends who were "confused" as to why he would "settle" for me.

Now that I'm grown, I ONLY date and interact with my people. On every level. I no longer have white friends or keep white company. My black gentleman understands me, knows me and all without me having to say one word.

I do not disagree with any kind of love but for me, personally...a white counterpart...? Never again.

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If I may...
Relationships, all of them, are about compromise and that is what's causing all the fuss. We humans are a weird bunch. We say we are starving and willing to eat anything but when someone gives you a plate of plain rice, you complain that you don't like it.

Well that's kinda what's going on here. Selfishness on BOTH sides. And yes, you are correct, women can blame and taunt men but the other way around is not acceptable. One supposition is due to the fact that this is a male based society, men are given certain "free passes" to be bad. That isn't the case for women. We must be "proper".

I enjoyed your post, sir.
Please visit me at http://diaryofanegress.wordpress.com
I talk quite frankly about all the ills of black and white society.

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Hmmm. Interesting. I just posted on my blog http://diaryofanegress.wordpress.com about black homosexuality and its hidden and shameful secret. You must check it out...
Gays, like other subjugated people, tend to be the hidden fear amongst those that lack understanding. And we humans are a weird bunch. If we don't understand something, our instinct is to destroy it, control it or shun it.

I've met and spoken to many gays, black and white, ( I used to live in NYC ) and they've all told me many tales of horrified people who wish to save them from hell, from themselves or want nothing to do with them. I don't know...anything that isn't considered the "norm" will be ostracized.

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Renee, it's open season on blacks in AmeriKlan.
We are targeted for anything and everything. Black women, historically, have had no protection from white supremacist society or the media so anything goes....And in the name of "comedy" it's perfectly acceptable.
I wrote a piece on Maury Povich here: http://diaryofanegress.com/2012/05/14/dear-maury-...

And so it goes...