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I'd have gone for "discksplash" myself, but I've always been more perceptive than you.

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I think it should be illegal to have a seal ife centre if you are not near a sea with life in it. So neh.

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You are in my google reader - or is that because you were there already?

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I was reading the other day that one of the children from the westbro baptist church (the god hates fags people) has grown up to renounce the bigotry she grew up with. so while hate is taught, it sometimes can be unlearnt.

Which is nice,

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I often feel trapped by a number of bad decisions I've made. I even feel trapped by the good decisions I've made.

I once read a quote from Henry Thoreau - "All men live lives of quiet desperation". It strangely gave me a lot of comfort until I foolishly did more research and found he was proposing that there is a solution to this. I'm not sure there is - but I do think that sometimes we're able to maneuver ourselves so that the joy outweighs the dark.

I think you'd be wise to back out of the fundraising personally. You are no good to anyone if you make yourself ill over it, and ultimately is sending someone else on holiday worth the strain on your personal and work life. No one is indispensable, and someone else will fill the void. Prioritise your stressors, starting from the benefits to yourself as a central point, then moving to those most important to you, and then finally other people. Don't do it the other way round.

Of course that's just some snap advice from a random stranger who doesn't really know you or your situation, so it could easily be bullshit.

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It'll be doing the weekly shop next, and then you're living on easy street baby.

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To be fair to Apple, it has absolutely nothing to do with them.

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You are a good man Steve.

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This post upset me a little for some reason. I don't like kids in hospital, even if its for positive reasons. I go into A&E a lot for work and hate walking past the kids corner bits.

Glad to hear it all went well and Oliver deserves his sonic screwdriver.

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Three is my favorite age too. So much so that as my son is exiting it I find myself thinking about having another :)