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That was THE MOST PATHETIC attempt at using an analogy as I have ever seen. 'Twere it any more pathetic, it could be an one of the skits used in the not-so-popular (but beats Sharpton's ratings) Saturday Night Live.
But I'm am afraid that the late, great founders of SNL would roll over in their graves at the utter stupidity, as opposed to comic genius, that is Rev. Al Notsosharp.

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Even though Comcast was cheaper, given the choice, I went with continuing my service with Verizon FiOS when I moved last month. Comcast isn't getting my money to prop up MSNBC because they don't have viewers and need to pay the slugs.

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He's an I-D-1-0-T. As America and Americans bow before NO king or potentate, neither do we salute another country's flag. We respect it by standing at attention, but not salute it.
There's an old saying, when in Rome, do as he Romans do. Our I-D-1-0-T in Chief is so blinded by his own ego, he's not capable o understanding the concept that different cultures do things differently. Where's 2012 when you need it?

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I wrote to PJ thisafternoon to tell them that a few businesses in my community are going to see less from me this weekend as I will be buying pizza for dinner tonight. More importantly I told them WHY.

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I emailed Kraft Foods which had a top of page banner ad when I looked for whom to target. A little late in the day but I'll watch for their reply tomorrow.
Seeing as how Papa John's did the right thing REALLY FAST, how's about we reward them with a national BUY IN. Some time during the week, call your local store and order one for pickup on the way home. Most important, tell them WHY you're buying pizza that night. I'm doing it tomorrow.

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While SCOTUS may have adjudicated that WBC may protest, there was no discussion about how much effort may or may not be employed to prevent their vile filth from being heard. Their right to speak is not being infringed with the roar of a Harley.
PGR serves to ensure that WBC is treated like the tree in the woods with no one around to hear or see it. That doesn't mean that the tree didn't fall.
Frankly, I don't care if PGR PATRIOTS consume gallons upon gallons of gasoline to drown out WBC.

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A relatively fair and balanced interview. I don't think that Hannity cornered or ambushed Trump in any way. I also like Trumps' explanation of the potential for a bid as an Independent candidate. It makes sense the way he presented it. Essentially, he's out to get Obama defeated, but he won't spoil solid GOP candidate by forcing the non-liberals to split their vote

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Maybe the AP photographer(s) finally realized that there is no cost associated with digital production, except an extra memory card. No single use film, no having to count the shots left on the roll, no ..... etc.
Not only that, the cameras are not self rejecting the images of THIS Speaker of the House, ad opposed to the mysterious malfunctions that always limited their exposure to Bela

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{Devils advocate hat on}
Unfortunately, these days, it's kinda hard to judge a person based on their vehicle. Kids drive thri parents vehicles. Other vehicles are repo'd and then sold cheap so long as the original bank note gets satisfied. Others are never reclaimed from a city tow (Parking Wars on TLC comes to mind)
When I see punk kids and their little rice rockets all jacked up, drpped down, Nitro'd et al, and working at a taco shop, then the suspicions get raised.

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[QUOTE] Isn't interfering with the constitutional right to free speech a crime in itself??? And how about coersion? Or defamation?
Interferng with free speech is a restriction on the government, more specifcally, the United States government and its 50 sovereign states who agreed to be bound by the Constitution o fthe United States. Legally, there is no restriction on one private entity preventing another from speaking. If a business group in a theater typr meeting decideds to pull the plug on a speakers microphone for something they didn't want to hear, they are perfectly within their rights of controlling the speech in that venue. However, if it were a government sponsored event, then the rules are very different.
This is going to be a clash of two personal ideolgies and a whole lot of money. Obama, in is {weak} role as President, has to stay absolutely {publicly} silent on this. He has to let his puppetmaster Soros and his ilk get their hands dirty. But O wil get hourly updates via his Crackberry.