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Awww! Cute puppies! I can't wait until we are in a bigger place and can get a dog for The Spawn.

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Great post. It's always nice to be reminded of life's blessings.

I think a lot of people struggle with this question. Perhaps not to the extent of someone with OI, but there are many diseases, disabilities, and mental illness that can get passed down genetically to children. I myself considered adoption because of the history of young adult-onset cancer in my family, as well as mental illness and Crones disease. For me it boiled down to wanting to carry and give birth to my own child with my husband and realizing that "you never know". Even a child born to two healthy, "normal" (whatever that really means...) adults with no family history of anything can have children with disabilities, mental illness, or disease. You just never know.

I cannot speak for those who have disabilities, because I was mostly thinking of certain diseases in my case. However I believe that by thinking it's best for people with disabilities not to have children in order to not pass it along is very narrow minded. While I can understand why it would be a first reaction because of the concern you feel for the child, those without disabilities have no idea what it's like to live with them. Therefore I think in that situation it's the parents who have the best judgment on what's right for them, their current or future children, and their family. It's our job to teach our own children about diversity and tolerance.

Thanks for this post!

PS- I was not calling you narrow minded :-) I was generally referring to the ongoing debate about this topic.

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I never went to camp but this post brought back a lot of memories from junior high school!

I feel like in the past few years I had really come into my own and had stopped worrying about all kinds of stuff, like what people thought of me. Then I had a kid and I'm right back in the that place. I feel like every day I worry about something. Just this morning I was watching my DH and son drive off to day care and I had a twinge of anxiety... because it was raining! My dad keeps offering to take DS for a few nights so DH and I can go somewhere. I'm just not ready for it yet. So I know where you are coming from.

I hate it when employers think they are doing you big favor by taking you to a great place and feeding you when really all you want is to be home with your family. DH's former employer used to do that a lot and it pissed me off. A lot of times I would go with him and just stay out of the way during working hours. But that's impossible when it's a house rather than a hotel.

Hope things go well!

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I had (have?) PTSD from the death of my mother when I was 15. I can honestly say that time does help. As time goes on those days where I didn't want to get out of bed, or had one panic attack after another, or had scrary visions of my own death, those days became fewer and far between. I know that it may not help you now, today, but perhaps knowing that your old self, or at least someone like her, is not dead or gone, and that you'll be spending more time being her sometime in the future, will help you get through these hard times.

I will tell you I have seen a therapist on and off since then (going on 13 years now) and sometimes I still feel that way, like "why am I here, I'm happy today". But any good therapist will help you work out these things even when you're in a good place. Just because you are having a good day does not mean your issues are gone. Don't ever feel stupid about seeking treatment.

I sincerely hope and pray that things will get better for you soon. Whenever I was "there" I would think of the quotation of Les Miserables "Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise". It's true. This too shall pass.

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You got me! If I SWUNG that way I would totally ask you out. Ahahaha (laughing at my own joke is so totally cool :-)

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I'm commenting just so you don't think I'm talking sh!t about you behind your back ;-)

OMG those blue eyes make me melt (the baby's, although you have nice eyes too, they just don't make me melt, lol).

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Bwhahahaha! Great post! My husband was the same way. Clueless. It's amazing they are able to procreate at all :-)

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Me thinks I need to start living intentionally too! Lol.

I find that I always feel better when I feel productive. So glad things are going well for you!

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Too cute! The Spawn is only 11 months and has a dairy intolerance, so no ice cream for him (I really hope he outgrows it so he can enjoy the heaven that is ice cream!). But when we go out for ice cream we get him a plain cone and just loves it.

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Glad you had fun! Hoping I can come next year :-)