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This shouldn't come as any surprise. Money is based on debt and usury and the concentration of that wealth resides in the unproductive financial sectors. End usury, end the Federal Reserve Banking system and end the Rothchild's domination of the monetary system and nations having to borrow their own money and against their own sovereignty and then you'll see a reversal of the inequality problem.

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Feminism permitted divorce "on demand" that permitted women to use their children as "tools" of aggrandizement. It's primary designed and goal was the subversion of family and the crippling of the next generation. It also inflated the job market which help to depress men's wages. The demand for "equal pay" and the narrowing of the pay gap was achieved by the lowering of men's wages.

In the long run Feminism did more harm than good because it is the entree for the real agenda of breaking down societies. It is not about "liberation" but enslavement through chaos.

exposure's summation is absolute correct as well as the "gay marriage" initiative to diminish marriage into a "lifestyle" choice rather the important human obligation for the perpetuation of culture and humanity thereby degrading the rearing of future generations.Rather than strengthening the family the Left subverted the family by turning adults into narcissists under the guise of "liberation" and "freedom".

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Welch's mistake is that he thinks the system is about the class conflict. It is not. The system is about supremacy -- namely the supremacy of the plutocracy and their usury.. This is why folks even as high as $500,000.00 are losing ground. The wars we are seeing is to the benefit of the Jewish cult and NOT rich American as is implied by Welch who is mistaken as evident by his siting of left-wing Zionist.

Welch needs to wedge himself away from the "left-right-class" paradigm in order to be able to analyze the real heart and truth of the problems facing the USA today.

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White American gun ownership is NOT the cause or an issue of the Black “racial carnage”... this racial carnage also includes Black-on-White victims!

Here is what we need to avoid: We need to avoid White blaming Blacks and Blacks blaming Whites. Whites need to understand that Blacks as are indoctrinated as their White “Christian”; Zionists brethren.

Blacks like Belafonte came of age during the Civil Right era and his mentor was the Communist Paul Robeson. Many blacks during the 1930s joined the Communist Party believing that there were "Whites" who were actually concerned and wanted to ally with Blacks over issues that black people were sensitive too like racism, and lynching. Only what Blacks views as “white allies” were actually Zionists.

Since Belafonte has long ties with the Left and the Jews it is natural when he speaks of issue of concerns about the Black community it is going to be framed in terms of "White supremacy" rather than Jewish supremacy.

There is only two Black organization that address the issue of Jewish power -- The Nation of Islam (NOI) and the New Black Panther Party (NBPP). Neither of which has a large following of Blacks. While the NOI is perhaps the most approachable they too are steep in a kind of Black Nationalism that can be considered the flip-side of Christian Identity. Both want to claim, like the Jews, they are the children of Israel. I think we need to avoid such rhetoric. The NBPP is too volatile and has a good deal of animus towards Whites. Therefore neither makes sensible allies. But for the most part the mainstream Black leadership are in the pockets of Jewry.

There are individual pockets of Black that know what time it is and know that Jewry is the real source of their problem and not White people. A lot of Black are Christians themselves and have a lot more in common with White folks and support Christian values themselves.

Therefore I believe that an alliance can be truly formed among 3rd position folks and Blacks. I believe that Lerora Fulini attempted such an alliance during the 1990's with the former Perot supporters. She was blasted and condemned by the "Black Leadership" and the Left.

There is a general distrust has to be overcome. But this distrust in the awful residue resulting from Jewish entanglements

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Chomsky states ...
The United States was seriously defeated in Iraq by Iraqi nationalism -- mostly by nonviolent resistance.

The USA was seriously defeated BEFORE the invasion of Iraq. The Neo-Cons took the nation to war in Iraq to serve their hegemonic interests at the detriment of the USA's national interests. Chomsky assumes that the "Empire" is in the USA's interest and never consider that the forces that run the USA do not care about the USA's national interest and have their own hegemonic interests that they are perusing by the CAPTURE of the U.S. government.

The book The Israel Lobby makes this clear unfortunately Chomsky refuted this theory and came to AIPAC's defense back in 2006 and wrote the book Failed States to reiterate his argument that Israel is the "Junior Partner" rather than part of the neo-con's hegemonic plan that is completely divorced from U.S. national interest.

The continued occupation of Europe and Japan are residuals of the WWII victories. This opens up the questions of the real reason for WWII. With the advent of the Interest, information that has been withheld for the past 80 years are now out there for public consumption. Unfortunately rather than considering this suppressed information, many on the Left prefers the existing dogma rather than truth.

In time however the truth will win out and the blame shifting and diversions will cease.

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As I have previously written and never tire of saying, the Jews are, generally speaking, the intellectual elite of the Western world. And the Palestinians are by far the intellectual elite of the Arab world. What they could do together in peace and partnership in one state really is the stuff that dreams are made of.

The ludicrousness of the remark doesn't deserve comment because it is clear that Mr. Hart is expressing his affinities toward Judaism rather than reality. Jews are the owners of the west by their control of the banks and all of the cultural institution. Their position was obtained not by merit but by supremacy. The Jews and Palestinian can never come together because supremacist Jewry will never agree to that. Mr. Hart wished for something that Jews themselves won't accept and cannot accept because such harmony defies the dark tenets of their religion. It is clear that Mr. Hart offer no help and has no sense of justice and truth about him.

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I'm glad to see that folks here can see through Jill Stein and what she really represents

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Bill I don't call you names. But I will expect an apology when you realise that it was the fires started by the damage that brought building 7 down and regarding other buildings. Were you aware that building 7 itself damaged other buildings.

Fires did not bring down building 7 and no fire has every brought down a steel frame building. All of the architects have attested to that fact. You have not provided any evidence that fires brought down Building 7 at free-fall speed.

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Why Not Vote For Stein, Goode Or Johnson?

Of the three the only choice is Johnson becuase the Libertararian party was able to purge the Zionist attempts to control the party. The other two party are now in the hands of Zionists. That was made clear today because the Constitution candidate was featured today on Democracy Now! claiming to "expand" the debate but failed to invite Rose-ann Barr also running for President but told the truth about Jewry as one of the debaters. Goodman only invites those who advances the Zionist agenda.

NeoCon Zionist infiltrates Constitution Party

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This is a carefully crafted article by Pilger to criticize Gillard by sanitizing her Zionist connections. The REAL reason for Gillard attack on Abbott is his stance against the Zionist enrichment scheme known as the "Carbon Tax". This tax will be used to fund the "carbon trading scheme" that will benefit the financial sector by picking the pockets of the productive sector, consumers and rate payers.

Gillard came to power by plotting secretly with an all-male cabal to depose the elected prime minister. Kevin Rudd.

It was a ZIONIST CABAL whether or not they were "male" is Pilger's way of concealing Jewish power now taking over Australia.