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They were dosing the kids? The things I didn't know...

[youtube WANNqr-vcx0 youtube]

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What's the over/under of Bill saying "two for the price of one" someday?

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If he offered his frightened compatriots an ambassadorship, he'd probably get a better response. Of course nobody's going to believe them because anyone who says nice things about a bully was probably a bully themselves, but attempted bribery with the promise of a cushy government job might help.

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Savannah is one of my favorite places to visit, but this doesn't surprise me.

ETA: Of course the story is about Paula Deen and her brother, but there's also a regional attitude at play and maybe as a result of this lawsuit, they'll evolve.

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Put me down in the @CraigyFerg column also.
Though for the past couple of years, I've mostly caught him via clips and the official stream.

Note to CBS & Worldwide Pants: I know it's not your preferred, but if you'd add Craig to Hulu, I could put him in my queue and would be more likely to watch every day, rather than marathoning on the weekends. Of course with his monologues and humor, Craig isn't hurt by a delay, but because of the way I've started watching lately, I know that I'm missing shows.

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Okay. I've got to give him credit for the joke. It's been kind of interesting watching their pageview count in blogview and I haven't been clicking on the posts -- so far, it's mostly been the Cheezburger crap and easy to ignore -- but based on this thread, I had to look at HamNo's joke. No wonder his post has been doing so well.

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Obviously, the secret to attracting good commenters and maintaining a community is to make public statements about how comments aren't worth a damn, longtime readers aren't entitled to an opinion -- If the New York Times becomes a shopper's weekly tomorrow, apparently no one can say a word -- and it really helps if you can get most of your staff to tweet disparaging things about the idea of commenting and those who choose to do it.

Extra bonus points, if they can get other bloggers to retweet.

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Ah, come on... you don't believe there were 8.5m uniques last week during the highly-promoted and well-covered Fox Mole thing?

Of course, if you total the pageviews on his tagged posts, it adds up to less than 2m and if you use Gawker's author stats, it has only counted 6.4m uniques this month, but Quantcast claims 8.5m and all these other metrics must be wrong.

BTW: Congrats to Owen. He's the 25th most-read Gawker blogger this month.

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You may not think they'll change, but if the quantity and quality of comments drop and non-bombshell traffic goes off a cliff, they may try to save it before shuttering the brand.

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I haven't heard it pronounced “SpendItNow”. Don't agree with him politically, but coupled with the above ad, it could be a brilliant play for the barbershop and talk radio crowd. Though I don't know, even if the pronunciation were to enter the district's consciousness, it'll actually garner him more votes.