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There are so many possibilities of which hitting an unknown sea mount is the least likely. My guess is that the sub was spying inside Chinese territorial waters. I suspect the Chinese, alert to this placed some barriers - could be heavy objects, could be drones, could be a mesh barrier (the sub was flying blind), could be other subs or it could be mines, or even depth charges dropped from above- after all if the sub was well within Chinese territory, perfectly acceptable.

The Chinese will stay quiet because they do not want to start a war. I think that they KNOW what happened, because there is not a lot of evidence of Chinese military scouring the area for evidence, which i would assume would be the case if they really did not know what happened.

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I had assumed he was sick. The news being confirmed is terrible. i wish him all the best for a speedy recovery

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Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nuclear fusion is the holy grail of energy technology. Physicists have been working on this for 60+ years and getting nowhere!!!!!!!!!!. or at least perhaps they did but the oil suppliers blocked research.

I knew if points 2 and 3

The rest is insanity but also a little scary. Frankly perhaps the USA want to get rid of as many Chinese as possible to prevent the cost of internment should a hot war start.

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Absolutely Debz
A sorry tale

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While it is not quite clear, there is a suspicion that the removal of Kevin Rudd as PM was facilitated by the US, in order probably to allow the first US naval base in Darwin.

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Like you I have been reading ICH for years and recently made a sizeable donation and planned to do so again, but I am concerned by the number of COVID conspiracy nutters on the site. Sure there are plenty of conspiracies but COVID concern is not one one them.

Now I am fortunate to be an Australian where the government and most of the people, fully agree and are happy with the STATE governments who locked the borders. Essentially for me and most here life is back to normal in terms of going out, sports and theatres etc. If it were not for travellers returning from overseas Australia is almost COVID free (scary outbreak in SA just now).

For the first time in many years I am proud to be Australian. Common sense, good medical advice and community cohesion has got us through.

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I wish oh I wish, that what you call for is possible but the pessimistic realist in me says it can never happen

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Given the highlighted bit at the top i am assuming that this fellow is a QANON supporter which is basically code for anti scientific right wing nut jobs.

It is an utterly stupid article. To start with the most anti Chinese countries have by and large NOT had lock downs and their economies are sort of struggling along with huge death and disease rates.

Exception is of course Australia where we have had practically total lock down in parts but thanks to deliberate economic stimulus, trade with China is still going well and we import LOTS. Even our lockdowns have probably helped China since a major importer is a cheapish DIY hardware store which home owners flocked too during lock down as they improved their gardens and homes being unable to socialise or go to sporting matches. Same with electronics stores.