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Seamus ate them and pooped 'em down the side of the Mittwagon.

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Romney 2012: Let's Cut America's Faggy Hair Together

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What a cheap sonuvabitch. There's probably $150,000 between the seat cushions at Mitt's house(s).

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"Abortions for all." "Boooooooo!" "Very well, no abortions for anyone." "Boooooooooo!"" Hmm... Abortions for some, miniature American flags for others." "Yaaaay!"

Sad how accurate this is.

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Noted Canadian conservative "traitor" David "Axis of Evil" Frum gets it:

"In the years between the Civil War and the Great Depression, we also saw increasing concentrations of great wealth—at the same time as many working Americans, moving from farm to city, suffered the pain of moral dislocation and social breakdown. Crime, prostitution, and drunkenness ran then at least as rampant as the analogous ills run today.

And in those days too, there existed writers and thinkers who insisted that these trends represented the necessary consequences of ineluctable social consequences. Murray's claim that the "reality that has driven the formation of the new upper class [is that] brains have become much more valuable in the marketplace" has its almost exactly precise analogues in the writings of Social Darwinists like William Graham Sumner.

There was however at least one hugely important difference between those days and our own. Back then, the lower class, rather than sink meekly into its immiseration, periodically erupted in violent strikes and riots. American labor relations in the period from 1880 through 1920 were the most violent on earth. In 1901, an anarchist murdered President McKinley; in 1919-20, a bloody wave of bombings culminated in an explosion on Wall Street that killed that killed 38 people and wounded 400 more."

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'Cue' here means 'beat with a sack full of cue balls.' I think.

This probably violates Wonkerules.

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Rebecca also totally has a straight boyfriend who is willing to do teh buttsexxx cuz it dunna count wait until marriage. You don't know him. He lives in Canada, but he's definitely real.

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"The NY Times liberals seek to destroy the American family of the 1950s, as symbolized by Ozzie and Harriet. The TV characters were happy pill-popping alchoholics, self-sufficient on the GI bill, autonomous beneficiaries of a 90% top marginal tax-rate, law-abiding racists, honorable dirty sluts, patriotic paranoid anti-communists, hard-working unionized, and otherwise embodied qualities lived in a social democracy that which made America great a nice enough place to live if you were white. In other words, the show promoted values that NY Times liberals despise revealed a world that conservatives have systematically destroyed in the past 50 years."


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TED is the sound of the internet masturbating itself.

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Sorry - Ace o' Spades' post is one of the greatest in the annals of Wingnuttia.