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I have been studying 9-11 since 9-11-01.

I find this recent release of a document by the FBI to be, I guess I would have to say, suspicious.
The FBI has never in all these years wanted 9-11 transparency and full disclosure, so why this and why now.
I have come to see the FBI as a totally political agency that has nothing to do with objectivity and rule of law.

I have studied the "dancing Israelis" sub-plot part of the 9-11 official story also extensively, and I have never been impressed by it and I do not automatically take it at face value.
This article by Whitney Webb just does not resonate as truth to me.

The perpetrators of 9-11 certainly appear to be largely the Mossad but the Mossad are masters at trickery of the sophisticated, multi-layered kind. The Mossad is still very much a part of the U S government deep state and 9-11 has always been and is to this day a very useful tool of these master manipulators of the thinking and reactions of the American public.

Again, the Dancing Israelis meme is just a smaller false sub-plot within the overall large 9-11 false event.

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Try to get your hands on a copy of this booklet.

The John Birch Society
An expose of one the foremost anti-communist organizations

James E. Braddock, Esq.


I am a triaditional, not novus ordo, Catholic. I was a member of the Birch society for one year and learned much truth but I could always see something perverse and simply "not right" about this organization. I perceived that it was a totally controlled entity. It was Mormon and Protestant form of Americanism and not at all in line with Catholic social teaching.

I have read the comments here and I see truth in all side's comments.

I believe the banksters, and we should know who mainly make up the banksters, have never wanted the USA to be sovereign nation. The banksters want a one world death and slavery system for all. The banksters have infiltrated all sides and are fomenting violence and terror and strife among the citizens. The banksters have a "population control agenda" as part of their takeover of the world. There is something megalomaniacal and nehilistic about the banksters.

Expose and do not cooperate with this corrupt system as much as you can in your life. and having done all, stand.

God bless us each and every one in the name of the One Who is Truth.

Christus vincit! Christus regnat! Christus imperat!

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This confuses me and so it does not impress me. B&J will monitor and verify their own claims, right?

B&J cows will not have received gmo growth hormone shots but the cows will continue to eat GMO grain or graze on open grass fields that may or not be tested for GMO contamination.

B&J's basic ice cream is known for having all these cutesy flavors and candies added. I bet all or most of the candies are made with high fructose corn syrup from corn that is GMO.

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I had my gallbladder removed, sort of on an emergency basis May 2012. Have had belching and Borborygmus, medical word for rumbling and growling sounds in stomach. Also have heartburn big time from many foods. There is something wrong with the way my small intestine now handles food and liquids. I know the choice of foods ingested is important and supporting the liver is now extra important since I no longer have a gallbladder, but I have a feeling I need much more sophisticated advice in managing my digestion of the small intestine. I know I will not get that from gastrointestinal medical doctors, been there done that. So it would be helpful to get some solid advice about all this. I would also mention that I have gained weight and fat inordinately since my operation. Something weird is going on.

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This is a very interesting finding. There is also a study that shows that ingesting even artificial, no calorie, sweetners has a similar effect.

This may even include not only aspartame and sacharine, but also "natural" sweeteners such as stevia.

Something about just the taste experienced in the mouth that is sweet sends a signal to the caudate part of the brain and somehow we start feeling urge to eat more.

I feel that if I could learn to control hunger, I could gain more control over my food choices. As it is, I seem to be on a hunger merry go round.

What was so weird is that I was sick for 14 days recently and did not, could not, eat and I did not get hungry. Strange.

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This distortion of the U.S. Flag is orange and light blue. Those are the colors of the United Nations and those colors are being metastasized in to almost every area of U.S. life.

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I think this is wonderful Legal defamnation was judged to not have taken place. What Sinclair had in the book was truthful.

It is beginning to look like that Jeremiah Wright "church" in Chicago was a complete Communist / Saul Alinksy type subversive operation.

As far as I am concerned both major political parties have proven themselves to be big jokes as they have both allowed this grossly and deliberately unvetted individual to fraudulently run for office and take office. It makes our govenrment, its leaders, and the entire political process a ridiculous joke.

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Thank you for this excellent article. It helps me to understand what I have been trying so hard to understand. I know there is something wrong about the OWS efforts, but I also know that many of their grievances are very right.

I know it is good to care about the widening income gap and growing "99 percent" in poverty, but this poverty concern of the OWS gang is the same-old, same-old Marxist Leninist stuff. It is totalitarianism and always ends up like the Soviet Union ended up. A bunch of crooked oligarchs running everything and running away with everything.

Our USA money and banking system is wrong but so far I am not seeing any real solutions to this basic problem. Also those OWS people could care less about our wide open borders, and enforcing our borders to me is essential to sovereignty and the rule of law.

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Great, we get to keep the incandescent light bulb but our men, women and children must submit to sexual assault at our airports.

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Mormons are pro-Israel and the Jews and the Mormons ought to get along just fine since they all have rejected the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Normally I would warn any Christian sect about dialoging with Jews or getting to know them better as that only leads to utter disunity and destruction, but the Mormons are not Christians so there should be no problem. The term "Christian Zionism" is a Jewish creation and utter oxymoron. The Church is the Israel of God.