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It will be a good talking point for anyone who asks. I am not opposed to tats but don't care for the sleeve and to be plastered with them. But to each his own. I'm glad I don't have to face that though. :)

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Go for it Kari! Pursue it! Run hard after it.

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As you know, Kari, I'm preaching in Proverbs right now. So much richness there which is often missed because of our "pet" verses we often go to. this theme of seeking wisdom must be a passion of our ours. it goes right along with the "fear of the Lord."

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it not only is a calling and a commission it is a life philosophy. Teachers like you make a difference kari. I know my daughter, Tami, is trying so hard to be that to her students, many of whom have no clue where mom and dad are. Some are in prison. Some are AWOL. Eccl.12:13 is a good philosophy.

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Repetition gets to me, especially when there is nothing worth repeating. I confess I am a dunce about this song since I'm not a MWS fan but your use of Scripture does bring truth to light. Thanks Kari. I will remember them the next time I am in a fight.

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Middle age bearing down? You poor spring chicken! LOL At 65 I am definitely becoming more and more aware of time. Time lost. Time left. Time to do what I need and want to get done. Where is Doc's Time Machine when I need it? I applaud you Kari for going back to school. I had given some thought to it in my 40s and then my 50s but now now. I don't think I could remember anything whatsoever! I have found though my outlook determines my footprint. I rejoice that I'm still alive and kicking and God can still use me.

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Great analogy Kari. I have been thinking about 2017 and all its challenges. A healthy dose of faith will do the trick. And a healthy dose of pursuing Jesus will heighten that.
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I have been fortunate to not have suffered from depression Kari. But I know many who do. Seasonal seems to be more and more common. i feel for those who don't know what to do or where to turn. I hope some turn to your thoughts. They are good ones and you know whereof you speak.
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I love being an encourager Kari. I love seeing peoples' eyes light up and their face take on a glow because I took the time to say, "Well done" or some other form of encouragement. You hit the nail on the head. We, ourselves, and in turn, others, overcome discouragement by our encouragement.
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I don't want to live a life of "just get by." If my life doesn't make a difference in someone else, if my life has no excitement, then what is my purpose? My recent accident has shown me the legacy I have left and it has encouraged me even more to be more.
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