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Wow, I've been away for a bit, I missed the whole pregnancy thing. Congratulations! I hope you're doing well.

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I got this book from NetGalley and it's next on my list! I don't know much about the author so I'll have to find out more. I agree with you about how hard it is to review books of short stories.

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I quite agree about Attachments, Clueless and Jurassic Park. Every time I see Jurassic Park on tv I'm impressed by the quality of actors they pulled together for that movie, and how thrilling it was. I don't think any JP movie has been good since. Attachments was my first Rainbow Rowell and still my favorite, next to Eleanor and Park. Two of my favorite rereads are Outlander and The Secret History. But those are pretty dark - having some lighter favorites is definitely a good thing!

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I agree this is harder than it looks! I've completed one but it's an easy one: science fiction with a female protagonist and female author. The social science one is throwing me a bit, since I've read two that could qualify. Good luck and enjoy the challenge!

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I hope you find something you like! Sounds like a good time for some just-for-fun reading.

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I agree this sounds like a tough book to review, but it sounds very worth reading. I haven't read his other book either, but I do read his essays in The Atlantic.

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This is one of my favorite books. I read it many years ago, but I find I make references to Stepford wives ALL the time. I don't think I've ever seen a good adaptation of it.

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I haven't read this one yet but definitely plan to! And like you I'm reading a lot more authors of color this year. Since you liked this one, if you haven't read The Hate U Give, I highly recommend it.

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I'm glad you loved this book as much as I did! Can't say enough good things. I hear the audiobook is great because he reads it -- but I felt like I could hear him in my head as I was reading. I think he's getting better and better on the Daily Show. I liked him already but I see him differently now that I know so much about his childhood.

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I love this graphic! Good job with the POC and non-US authors. I've been reading a lot more of those this year too. Don't know what my percentage would be though, I may have to do a count.