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For those willing to buy the Bike Shop- if you buy it once, you unlock bikes in all villages, even space. And you can put the bike shop in any village.

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Just entered my "guess". I got it right away. Please remember to read the rules- Bee's Knees will only accept private messages as entries.

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First Puzzle complete, received a bird feeder. Not amazing, or unique, but it does give XP every 12 hours. Keep in mind that there are three puzzles, and you don't get to choose what puzzles you'll complete. You get pieces and it selects a puzzle to fill in with it randomly. Which prevents you from completing any one puzzle quickly and then moving to the next.
Quick note: have had some success digging on the mountain for pieces. No success with any item-prize mini-games. The best source of puzzle pieces? Digging in space craters. Cost 300 coins and takes 1/2 hour.

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Same here.

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This morning, I could unlock three of the "secrets", so I assume the next one is tomorrow, to the first reward. Each new "secret" seems linked to its picture. Let's hope tomorrow's is that Smurfette will do more than blow kisses, and might have some real contribution to XP or building stuff. Also shown as "secret" categories are Handy, Farmer, Hefty, a Smurf Hut, a sign post with a crop calendar, a vegetable stand, and a barn. I think we will know a lot more in about 8 days....

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I have to admit, Poet Smurf is growing on me, and I find myself going to her every day for my daily poem. I hope the themes change with future seasonal updates. I thought it might've XP, and was disappointed that Poet Smurf comes with no game to play. I mean, something where the player comes up with a poem that can be on Twitter might have been nice. But I ended up placing Poet by my wise old oak. Somehow, the two go together well.

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Your loop system is awesome but takes up extra space. Those already scrunched in on the mountain can just have one line that extends as long and high as you like. Since there are only three stations, I placed them and the main station on the four middle levels, where my Smurfs work and live. When it gets to the end of the line, the train magically turns around and goes back down.

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That red hatbox with the green bow in the top pic looks like a present from Beeline for Xmas!

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Hi Pinky, that would probably be my post a while back. Beeline's only response was that they would fix the bug. It's now working. You select the Hut first, and a screen on the right comes up, showing how many Smurfs you've got in the Hut, even if it's 0. Then, you can pan around and select Smurfs to the left, and confirm you want to store them. To release them, just select them on the side panel on the right, and confirm you want to release. If it ever doesn't work, re-boot the entire iPad, and re-enter the app. Even if you couldn't see Smurfs in there before, it will show them after re-booting.

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My smurfs are loving the bikes and potato sacks. They added a great Thanksgiving feast, a corn stand, more fall decorations, and a Space Wonder. Have played around a bit with changing the color of my river on Planet Swoof, but I've got a lot of river to play with. Puppy got me some XP, but it's really just a nice way to get rid of all the bones I've been stockpiling.